Classify nuclear power as “green”? Now Söder intervenes – with a blackout warning

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Paris versus Berlin: The Federal Environment Minister is critical of the debate about nuclear power and climate neutrality. Markus Söder appeals to the traffic lights.

Berlin / Munich – Germany’s neighbor France is in the election campaign. And the energy supply of the future has become an important topic. President Emmanuel Macron recently announced investments of one billion euros in nuclear power – partly because France sees nuclear power as the cheapest solution on the way to climate neutrality.

Treat nuclear power like low-carbon energy sources? Söder’s opinion in the EU dispute is clear

The mood in the federal government is completely different: “We do not want nuclear energy, we do not consider it sustainable, and we also do not want the EU to support it,” said Svenja Schulze (SPD), the acting environment minister. The German position on this is clear, and “we’re not the only ones who see it that way,” said Schulze.

CSU boss Markus Söder also rejects an exit from the phase-out of nuclear energy. “The decision to phase out nuclear power is based on broad social acceptance,” Söder told the Funke Group newspapers. The fact remains that all German nuclear reactors should be off the grid by the end of 2022.

Söder calls on the future government to act against the threat of blackouts

However, Söder put a warning in his commitment to phase out nuclear power. The future government must ensure a secure power supply. “There can’t be a blackout. We need a security plan against blackouts in Germany, ”said Söder. “If blackouts threaten, the German economic engine will stutter. That is why the core task of the new one is
Federal government to prevent blackouts and advance the construction of the power lines, ”he warned.

At the same time, Söder believes that an early coal phase-out is feasible. His argument: According to the European resolutions, coal will hardly be profitable after 2030. A possible traffic light coalition is currently aiming for an exit by 2030. But if some Greens have their way, the coalition negotiations will crunch more than was previously known.

In October, France’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Bruno Le Maire, together with other EU ministers, issued a public appeal that “nuclear energy must be treated like all other low-carbon energy sources”. It has not yet been decided that this classification will come, “even if France is currently very vocal about its interests,” said Schulze.

The idea of ​​defining nuclear power as a climate saver is highly controversial – here you will find the pros and cons. (dpa/kat)

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