Cleaver wants! The new SPD leader is as good as clear – Klingbeil wants a “social democratic decade”

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The SPD is looking for a new (co) boss. The question may be as good as resolved – Esken and Walter-Borjans want to present a proposal on Monday.

Update from November 8th, 12 noon: The SPD bosses Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken are now in front of the press – Walter-Borjans confirms the morning’s reports: Lars Klingbeil was proposed as the new party chairman, and the presidium and executive board were unanimously followed. Esken’s renewed candidacy was also unanimously supported.

SPD boss found? Klingbeil wants “social democratic decade”

Update from November 8, 11:45 a.m .: According to reports, the SPD presidium voted unanimously in favor of a new chairman duo made up of Saskia Esken and Lars Klingbeil – Klingbeil addressed the party in a video message that morning. He showed himself to be combative. According to his own statement, he wants to turn the SPD into a modern people’s party as party leader.

“If we do everything right, then we will have a decade of social democracy in Germany, but also in Europe,” said the 43-year-old in a video message on Monday. In the past few years, the SPD has achieved a lot and finally won the federal election. “But I want it to continue,” emphasized Klingbeil, who is considered the architect of the SPD’s success. “An election victory is not enough for me.” Klingbeil emphasized that the SPD’s success in the federal election was made possible “by standing together in times when there was tremendous pressure”. The SPD has become younger, more female and more diverse – this path must continue.

The SPD also wants to win the upcoming state elections in Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. Now it’s about the team line-up for it. “No matter what position you are in, whether in the Chancellery, in the government, in the parliamentary group, in the federal states or in the party, we all play together and we shoot at the same goal,” emphasized Klingbeil. The SPD has scheduled a press conference for 12 noon.

Update from November 8th, 9:53 a.m .: The question of the chairmanship of the SPD seems to have been resolved – subject to approval by the party congress in mid-December. In the future, party leader Saskia Esken and the incumbent Secretary General Lars Klingbeil want to lead the Social Democrats together. The two explain this in the morning in the SPD presidium and also earned the approval of the committee, as reported by the dpa.

Klingbeil wants – new SPD duo already as good as clear?

First report: Berlin – The SPD * would like to clarify their boss question now apparently very quickly: On Monday (November 8th), the chairman Saskia Esken and her outgoing colleague Norbert Walter-Borjans want to propose a successor solution to the party executive. The SPD party conference in mid-December will ultimately vote. But everything indicates that Esken and Walter-Borjans also have a specific personal tableau in mind – including a new SPD co-leader.

His presumed name: Lars Klingbeil. The general secretary apparently wants to take over the office. He signaled readiness on Monday morning in the SPD presidium, like wants to have learned from the committee. He apparently also has the backing of the incumbent bosses.

SPD: Klingbeil and Esken soon to be the new dual leadership? Party leader can “very well imagine” the constellation

On the day of Walter Borjans’ declaration of withdrawal, Klingbeil’s name was already circulating in political Berlin *. Days later, the party leader was still positive about the incumbent SPD General Secretary Klingbeil. And now, on the day the proposal was presented, Esken followed suit with praise.

She has been working closely with the SPD general secretary for many years, said Esken on Monday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. The 43-year-old is an “architect of the renewal of the SPD” and she values ​​him very much. “In this respect, this is a constellation that I can very well imagine.”

It is expected that it will remain with a dual SPD leadership and that Secretary General Klingbeil will also apply. Esken himself wants to compete again.

Klingbeil new SPD co-chief? Esken wants to run again – and will probably forego ministerial office

A small special hurdle is – as with the Greens * – the separation between party leadership and ministerial offices. The SPD eyed possible accumulations of items last at least critically *. Esken indicated on Monday morning that he would bury possible ministerial ambitions for re-election as SPD chairman. Of course, it would also be exciting to work as a minister in a future coalition, she said on ARD – but in the past two years she has also “shown effectiveness” as party leader. According to a survey, a Minister Esken would have met with major reservations anyway *.

As an election campaign manager, the 43-year-old Klingbeil played a decisive role in the SPD’s victory in the federal election. In the case of ministerial speculations about the traffic light coalition, he was at least not mentioned on the front line. When he announced his withdrawal, Walter-Borjans had declared that younger people should now take the helm. The SPD leadership is to be elected at a party congress from December 10th to 12th. (dpa / fn) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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