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Comfort on all roads. That is the great asset of the two Citroën SUV models, the “hand” C3 Aircross (It is manufactured in the Zaragoza plant in Figueruelas) and the C5 Aircross. Both already account for more than 30% of your sales. A percentage that, according to the French brand, will increase after the coronavirus pandemic, because SUVs “give the possibility of escaping and allow people to feel safer.”

Both share a high driving position and a ground clearance that allows them to deal with unpaved roads, even somewhat bumpy: 17,5 cm in the case of C3 and 23 in the case of C5 Aircross. For those who want to leave the asphalt frequently, it is advisable to choose the optional Grip Control anti-slip system, which acts on the front wheels, the drive wheels, to improve grip on slippery terrain, and has five operating modes: Standard, Sand , Mud, Snow and ESP off; plus Hill Assist to help tackle steep slopes.

The differentiating element is also the new suspension of Progressive Hydraulic Shock Absorbers, which aims to replace Citroën’s mythical hydropneumatic suspension, and which greatly minimizes the bumps perceived in the cabin. In this regard, it incorporates two hydraulic stops (one for extension and the other for compression) so that the suspension works progressively depending on what the road demands.

The two models equip Advanced Comfort seats with high-density nappa (a 15 mm thicker foam that guarantees visual, dynamic and postural comfort). Also, as an option, they can incorporate a huge openable panoramic roof that reinforces the luminosity and the feeling of space in the cabin, which is already quite high even in the compact C3.

They also offer elements such as the folding central rear backrest or the movable rear bench, which allow to maximize the use of the passenger compartment and which allow choosing, in the case of the C5 Aircross, between 81 different configuration possibilities in the trunk. The storage space is also particularly generous, with 520 and 720 liters, respectively.

In the technological section, they incorporate 9 or 9-inch touch screens, with cartography that can be updated four times a year; and between 12 and 20 driver assistance systems, depending on the model and finish. This with a price that starts, with discounts, from 16,890 euros for the C3 Aircross and from 23,290 for the C5 Aircross, or 32,000 for its plug-in hybrid version (PHEV) with the Moves III support plan incorporated.

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