Cordless, handheld vacuum, robot vacuum, electric mop and more with up to 50% off

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Scrubber

The list of special discounts in the Kitchen category on Amazon, starts with this Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner and mop. Surely this is one of the articles where you can get a greater savings.

It is an automatic cleaning accessory that barre, suck, mop and scrub. It is an efficient cleaning device with great suction power and offers a deep cleaning.

This Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled from the smartphone. Memorize the map of any house and it can also be edited from the application.

Polti Vaporetto steam broom double function

The Polti’s steam broom with dual function cleaner mode is on sale and is one of the best discounts you will be able to find. It is a steam broom or steamer, which convert in a floor cleaner with a simple gesture.

This discounted steam broom at Amazon, it is suitable for all types of surfaces: parquet, tiles, countertops, taps, toilets, joints, glass and mirrors, padding (sofas, cushions, mattresses), doors, cabinets, radiators, etc.

Steam is one of the most effective solutions to sanitize rooms, kills up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Take advantage and do not miss this offer, there are those who say that this discounted steam broom is essential in their day to day.

Bisell wireless hand vacuum cleaner

You are sure that it is one of the best solutions that can be found for to finish with pet hair indoors. And without a doubt, another of the best savings advantages it can offer you.

its anti tangle rollerIt is designed with special bristles and enough power to prevent pet hair from getting tangled in the brush. In addition to this Turbo Brush, it features a crevice accessory with lighting LED and a brush tool to remove the dust.

It can easily be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner and offers a autonomy battery up to 50 minutes.

Bisell cordless electric mop

The Bisell cordless electric mop on your SpinWave model is on offer in the Amazon Home & Kitchen category. It is one of the discounted items on Amazon with the highest percentage of discount in this list.

This cordless electric mop from Bisell works with washable swivel pads and interchangeable that reduce the effort in cleaning. It is a cordless electric mop that removes dirt from deep and effective way, always with a careful application with the surfaces.

Presents one button water dispenser, to apply the right amount at all times.

Robot aspirador iRobot

The iRobot robot vacuum is another of the discounted cleaning accessories on Amazon that more discount it will be able to offer you. It is surely one of the most efficient cleaning accessories that you will be able to find and one practically unrepeatable offer.

Presents a special brush for corners and edges, with a custom angled design. Your Dirt Direct sensors detect the areas to be cleaned, identify priorities and clean in depth.

Of course avoid stairs and detect unevenness. It is a comfortable accessory. With which it is not necessary to worry about cleaning, you just have to program it and let it work.

Cecotec cordless broom vacuum cleaner

We finish the list of special discounts, with this vacuum cleaner Cecotec cordless broom on sales. Is he number one in sales within its category and a product especially well valued by buyers.

It’s a discount cordless broom vacuum cleanerBut just for a while, don’t let it go It has a maximum suction of up to 200 aW and is capable of eliminating all types of dirt. It works with a power of 600W, it is capable of achieving a deep cleaning, with hardly any effort.

This cordless broom vacuum from Cecotec even shows a digital display control, with battery indicator, selection of cleaning modes, alerts and also recommendations.

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