Corona in schools: 3G rule for teachers and mask requirement make sense

The President of the German Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, has spoken out in favor of a 3G rule for teachers in the event of particularly high numbers of infections.

Berlin – Compulsory vaccination is not necessary, not least in view of the very high vaccination rate in this professional group, Meidinger told the editorial network Germany (RND / Monday). “Where the incidences are very high, I think a 3G rule for teachers is a good idea,” he added. “That means: teachers who are not vaccinated would have to test themselves every day.” Meidinger justified this with the fact that most teachers come into contact with several different classes on a daily basis. “The risk of infection for themselves and then for others as well is comparatively high if they are not vaccinated.”

The head of the association was also concerned about the pandemic in schools. “There are terrifying incidences in the group of children and adolescents. The large number of corona outbreaks in schools must cause us great concern, “said Meidinger. He said: “The danger is immense that we will lose control of the pandemic in schools.” At the same time, he campaigned for a mask requirement in schools and criticized the different state regulations. (dpa)

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