Corona: Intensive care beds are becoming scarce

Dhe Society of Intensive Care Physicians (DGAI) and the Professional Association of German Anesthesiologists (BDA) have called on the Managing Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) and the state governments in a fire letter to try to take immediate measures to contain the fourth corona pandemic wave. Even now, acute care for tumor or emergency patients (heart attacks / strokes) can no longer be guaranteed in many regions of Germany due to the high level of capacity utilization in the intensive and intermediate care wards.

“We are concerned with ensuring good medical care. Unfortunately, seriously ill patients have to be accommodated in the corridors of some clinics, ”said Götz Geldner, President of the Professional Association of Anesthetists and Chief Physician of the Ludwigsburg Clinic of the FAZ

The intensive care physicians are calling for the introduction of the 2-G rule “in all areas of public life”. Where that is not possible, there must be strict contact restrictions. In addition, the doctors from Spahn demand a fundamental change in vaccination policy: there must be nationwide vaccination offers again, all citizens must immediately receive the third booster vaccination. The “overregulation of vaccination measures” must finally be ended. In addition, there must be further education campaigns to increase the willingness to vaccinate.

The associations consider the introduction of a general compulsory vaccination to avoid a severe corona infection to be medically necessary, but ultimately it is a political decision, which is why this question must be left to the executive and future federal government. Especially the intensive care physicians from the eastern federal states shy away from a general vaccination requirement, because vaccinators and medical staff there are already threatened in many cases by militant anti-vaccination supporters, supporters of the AfD and the “lateral thinkers” movement.

In southern Germany, numerous clinics can no longer accept corona intensive care patients; In Baden-Württemberg, the regions of Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Esslingen and Heidenheim are particularly polluted. In Bavaria, clinics in southeast Bavaria, for example in Traunstein, currently have to relocate corona patients to other federal states.

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