Corona worries: 2G + must also come – and politicians must not duck back now

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“Schnitzel panic” in Austria, big unresolved questions in Germany. The torn Union and the traffic lights in the power vacuum must not duck back, comments Christian Deutschländer.

Jö look: As soon as Austria switches to 2G, there are queues in front of the vaccination centers. This is really good news for the country. Nobody knows, however, whether this can be completely transferred to Germany. One has already been mistaken: When the tests became chargeable, the French ran to vaccinate – the Germans did not get the big wave they had hoped for a little later.

Corona in Germany: 2G counteracts a problem – it is not the panacea

Nevertheless, this winter the rules will clearly move towards 2G, i.e. free access only for vaccinated and convalescent people. That has advantages and risks. The 2G rule precisely counteracts the current problem that extremely disproportionately unvaccinated people are in the intensive care units, sometimes overloading them – which can be fatal for patients far beyond Corona.

Fairy tales? No, already a reality in some clinics. Even so, 2G is not a panacea. It only reduces unvaccinated contacts in public spaces, not in private. And carries the risk of a sham security of the vaccinated: More regular tests would also make sense for them. If you are clever, you do it voluntarily before the party or family celebration. 2Gplus has to come too: to support larger events with quick tests.

Corona debates: Union torn, traffic lights in the power vacuum – none of this should be an excuse

Politicians, currently exhausted by Corona, must lead the 2G debate more intensely. It is not enough to delegate the decision about the mode to organizers or restaurateurs. Just as it does not help to push the debate about a closely industry-specific vaccination obligation to all sorts of ethics councils. Yes, the Union may be torn apart by the electorate, also worn between the fronts of caution and relaxation; while the traffic light parties are now stuck in the Berlin power vacuum. But that’s not enough as an excuse to procrastinate before this last but highly dangerous Corona winter.

Christian Deutschländer

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