Coronavirus – 2G provided a “boost” for the vaccinations

For the time being, 2G instead of 3G will be used as the access control. For example, only those who have been vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2 or who have already contracted Covid-19 and have now recovered can go to the hairdresser. This regulation applies throughout Austria and regardless of the vaccination rate in the federal state.

Nevertheless, the announcement before the weekend that a negative PCR test result is only considered an access option in order to be able to go to work, in addition to the high number of new infections, was enough to achieve a renewed boost in vaccinations. Across Austria, according to the data published by the Ministry of Health from the electronic vaccination pass, 10,488 people opted for the first dose of a Sars-CoV-2 vaccination on Saturday. Another 4,309 people received a second dose – including presumably some who had previously been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson single-use vaccine. Another 17,113 people got a third dose of the vaccine that day.

Highly vaccinated federal states with more vaccinations

There was a rush to the vaccination centers and buses not only in federal states with a low vaccination rate before the weekend. Not everyone who is now ready to be vaccinated against Corona was able to do so on the weekend. Because not all federal states had the opportunity to do so on both days. In Burgenland, the federal state that had the highest rate of fully immunized people in Austria on Friday at 70.4 percent, four vaccination routes were open on Monday, according to a broadcast by the Ö1 “Mittagsjournal”. Eight out of 1,000 people were given a vaccine dose on Saturday.

In Vienna, where there were 63 percent fully immunized on Friday, according to the data from the electronic vaccination card, there were five out of 1,000 who were vaccinated on Saturday – a total of 10,080 stitches. The city itself speaks of around 11,000 first, second and third stitches on Saturday. Those who only decided on the first vaccination dose at the weekend got it particularly often at 3,000 per day at the vaccination station at the town hall. In the future, the capacities will be expanded again so that 26,000 people can get first, second and third stitches per day.

Only in Carinthia was it more than nine out of 1,000 people. The Carinthians, however, were rather grumpy about vaccinations on Friday with a rate of 60 percent fully immunized. In Upper Austria, the federal state of vaccination backlight, where only 58 percent of the population were the least immunized before the weekend, only two out of 1,000 people were vaccinated on Saturday.

The stitches noted in the vaccination certificate in Styria are likely to be supplements. Because in the state was not vaccinated on the weekend. In Vorarlberg, vaccinations were carried out in shopping centers on Saturday, but not on Sunday. According to the state service, however, the offers were increased again. In Lower Austria, too, in addition to the vaccination buses, where there was sometimes too little vaccine on Saturday, the vaccination centers are to open again.

First vaccinated persons are allowed to test 2G areas

In the sense of the 2G regulation, persons whose second vaccination dose was not more than nine months ago are considered to be vaccinated. There is a transition period for last-minute travelers, which runs until December 6th. During this time, people who have only now decided on the first dose of vaccination can stay for four weeks in areas with an additional negative PCR test result or use services that are only accessible to those who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered afterwards.

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