Ferraz relieves the organizing committee of the PSdeG congress at the request of Formoso




The defeat in the PSdeG primaries is still having secondary effects. This same Monday, the federal leadership of the PSOE sent a resolution to the outgoing leadership of Galician socialism, headed by Gonzalo Caballero, in which it communicated the dismissal of the organizing committee of the party congress, scheduled for December 7 and 87, and the appointment of another team at the request of Valentín González Formoso, the next secretary general of the PSdeG.

Not only that. Ferraz also strips Caballero of any organic ability in the match —Not even on an interim basis— until the congress is held, on the understanding that there is already a new secretary general. In addition, the powers of the executive committee of the PSdeG pass to reside in the organizing committee, in accordance with the federal statutes of the PSOE, as Santos Cerdán, the organization secretary, recalls.

Between the competences that Ferraz grants to the new organizing committee there are not only those of the previous work of the socialist conclave, but also the coordination with the provincial executive commissions to initiate “their congressional processes”, to be held after the regional appointment. Likewise, the committee is attributed “the management of the human resources of the hired personnel” not only by the PSdeG but also by the socialist parliamentary group, as well as direct communication with the federal leadership of the party “both in matters related to congressional progress and those others of an ordinary nature ».

Socialist sources told Europa Press that this Ferraz resolution makes it clear that Gonzalo Caballero’s Galician executive “ceased to have powers” with the election of the new general secretary. Likewise, they pointed out that the new commission will have to adjust the congress calendar by detecting that “work in the process was unattended” since, as of this Monday, “had not started” the drafting of the framework presentation despite the fact that “the a fixed schedule tomorrow for that document to be sent to the local groups.

New team

The dismissed organizing committee was chaired by Dolores Villarino, one of Gonzalo Caballero’s top advisers. After your cessation, the body will be made up of members of González Formoso, among them the mayor of Ames Blas García, the president of the Diputación de Pontevedra Carmela Silva, the councilor of Vilagarcía Alberto Varela, the former senator Luis Ángel Lago Lage, the former chief of cabinet of Touriño in the bipartite Teresa Facal, the provincial secretary of the PSOE in Lugo Patricia Otero, the mayor of Valdoviño Alberto González and the councilor of As Pontes Ana Pena.

Among those appointed are leaders very close to Formoso, such as the councilors of Ames or Valdoviño, but the importance of the ‘Vigo quota’ is also recognized, with the appointment of Silva, Abel Caballero’s right hand in the city.

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