Fight against extremism – Against radical ideologies in schools

The fight against terrorism was swiftly tightened with stricter criminal law rules, on the social level it takes a little longer for new activities around radical ideologies and agitators to break down. As far as the school sector is concerned, the ÖVP and the Greens have now put together a package of measures to be able to take better action against racism and anti-Semitism.

Education Minister Heinz Faßmann announced at the end of the previous week that the preparations for own workshops, which will be offered for schoolchildren from April next year, are already underway. A total of 3000 such workshops for 75,000 students are planned for the time being.

The education spokeswoman for the Greens, Sibylle Hamann, emphasized on Monday which other activities are being set up to prevent extremism among schoolchildren and young people as early as possible. The financial basis is also important for this. The 2022 budget, which will be decided in the National Council on November 18, provides for this. Among other things, the federal government will provide seven million euros for intercultural teams in order to expand them.

21 million euros for aid teams

15 A co-financing is planned. According to this, the federal states and EU funds each should flow a further seven million euros into this project, thus a total of 21 million euros. So far there have been 120 posts for intercultural teams that are set up for crisis intervention and psychosocial support. The aim is now to double the number of posts in the intercultural teams for schools.

With the package of measures, the Greens see a concern that is particularly important to them as a consequence of the terrorist attack in downtown Vienna on November 2nd of the previous year. The workshops for schoolchildren from April onwards will be carried out by non-governmental organizations, whereby the Institute for Criminology at the University of Innsbruck will check the quality of the NGOs that are involved.

In addition to workshops starting at elementary school and the intended doubling of the intercultural teams, teacher training is also to be improved with a view to preventing extremist tendencies among pupils. The curriculum for a relevant advanced training course at teacher training colleges is being developed for this purpose.

As the Green parliamentarian Hamann emphasized on Monday, the increased efforts to break the ground for radical ideologies as early as possible will not be limited to schools. In the family ministry, the family counseling centers should become more sensitive in this regard.

Activities also with fans and clubs

In the sports ministry led by Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, clubs are increasingly sensitized to this problem. Fan work is also included. In addition, sports idols should serve as role models in the fight against racism and anti-Semitism.

Finally, Minister of Social Affairs Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) will also set additional activities, for which the budget will be increased from 1.8 to four million euros in the coming year. Among other things, the therapeutic offers for coping with trauma are being expanded. But projects such as neighborhood initiatives for better coexistence in society should also receive more help. (ett)

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