For Söder it is now a question of survival – the time of the union settlement has come

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Laschet and Söder went into hiding after the election, but now the argument starts again. For the CSU boss, the situation is quite precarious. A comment by Georg Anastasiadis.

The Union is only slowly emerging from the deep paralysis of shock into which it fell after the election catastrophe on September 26th. Armin Laschet was the first to find his language again, but what he had to say about Markus Söder in front of a TV audience of millions at “Maischberger” does not suggest a quick reconciliation between the two divided sister parties. As well as? The defeat was too disastrous for a “sponge over it” and the possible consequences – for both parties – are too devastating.

The dispute in the Union starts all over again – for Söder it’s about survival

For Söder it is no longer about the Chancellery, but only about the question of whether he will survive as party leader or follow Laschet into the abyss – after a possible defeat in the Bavarian election in 2023. Of course, Laschet makes it too easy for himself when he is Failure is now due to the many Munich cross shots in the election campaign. But it is also clear: Without the joint failure of both Union leaders to lead, there would not have been an election disaster in September. Not only has Laschet lost, but also the CSU, which under its boss Söder has gambled away its federal political power, the legacy of Strauss and Stoiber, for many years to come.

The Union’s accident has two fathers – and, not to be forgotten, a mother: Angela Merkel gutted the party and drove out the regular customers, Laschet and Söder then chased away the walk-in customers with their repulsive constant dispute, which the Union only because of Merkel appreciated. For the CDU and CSU, now the hour strikes zero. Both parties have to decide which voters they want to win back. The CDU, in which a management team is currently forming around Friedrich Merz, is the first to go.

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