FPÖ Graz – ex-finance officer branched off several 100,000 euros

After the revelations about possible extra charges to the party leader and club chairman of the Graz FPÖ, the blue in Graz are now threatening calamities again: As the “Kleine Zeitung” reported online on Monday and the state FPÖ confirmed shortly afterwards, the ex-club director and finance officer of the city party is said to be “Have used several 100,000 euros from public funds for personal purposes”. Last week he filed a voluntary report and resigned from the party.

State party chairman Mario Kunasek informed in a broadcast: “The leadership of the FPÖ Styria was informed today by the former finance officer of the FPÖ Graz about a voluntary report that was submitted to the Graz public prosecutor alienated public funding for his personal purposes through this. This resulted in damage of several hundred thousand euros. ” Kunasek also wrote that the man had made a comprehensive confession. The ex-FPÖ man transferred the sum to an account with the Graz public prosecutor’s office in order to repay the damage. The money is said to have been diverted from the accused over a period of around ten years.

Kunasek also announced that the former finance officer of the city party had announced his exit from the FPÖ in writing. “In addition to the auditors of the FPÖ, a renowned auditing firm will now also examine the conduct of the FPÖ Graz. The primary goal is to completely clear up the allegations and determine the actual damage. After all, it is public funds,” said Kunasek. For the second time within two weeks, he had to try to limit misconduct in the Graz city group of the Freedom Party. At the end of October, the Graz FPÖ top with still-Vice Mayor Mario Eustacchio and club chairman Armin Sippel withdrew after several revelations about extra fees. They renounced their mandates in the coming legislative period.

“One thing is certain: The FPÖ Graz was damaged due to an individual misconduct. The FPÖ Styria will join any proceedings as a private party and cooperate with the investigating authorities Graz, guidelines on financial management and control mechanisms are to be set up in order to prevent cases of abuse of this kind, “said the liberal head of the state. (apa)


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