Franca Lehfeldt: Lindner’s girlfriend complains about the Berlin airport – and is ridiculed

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Franca Lehfeldt criticizes the capital airport BER on Twitter. But: In the comments, the fiancée of FDP boss Christian Lindner then has to put up with criticism herself.

Munich / Berlin – The image of the capital’s airport Berlin-Brandenburg, or BER for short, is really not the best. BER has been struggling with chaos and long queues in the check-in halls for a long time. But that’s not all: Last Friday (November 5th), after a fire alarm for several thousand passengers, there were hours of waiting in the terminal, some flights were canceled.

Franca Lehfeldt: Fiancee of FDP boss Christian Lindner complains about BER airport

Those responsible now promised to work through the mess. Nevertheless, there is plenty of criticism – also from a prominent RTL journalist.

Franca Lehfeldt, the fiancée of FDP boss Christian Lindner, wrote in a post on Twitter: “Only 190 minutes late! Counter: “Due to chaotic conditions on the #BER, the plane could not take off in time.” Eurowings does not distribute water or a Friday evening snack. “Lehfeldt was apparently waiting for a flight from Cologne to Berlin. And she obviously waited a long time.

However, their criticism became boomerang on social media. Because some Twitter users in the current climate debate could not understand why they took a domestic flight for the approximately 540 kilometers and not the train. Which would have been more environmentally friendly. “#Lehfeldt is just as embarrassing as her fiancé #Lindner … Take the train instead of a domestic flight!” Wrote a Twitter user in a comment.

One user said in great detail: “From Cologne to Berlin? Now seriously? When should they still serve snacks and water? As soon as you are in the air you land again. Flight time about 1 hour. You would have been just as fast by train if you factored in the delay. Then the next time you will be smarter. “

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Franca Lehfeldt: Fiancee of FDP boss Christian Lindner gets Shitstorm on Twitter

Another comment on Lehfeldt’s posting was: “ICE Cologne – Berlin 264 min! And that right up to the government district! Unbeatable! ”And again in another comment it said:“ Actually fly! The plane should be 600 minutes late! Take the train, it’s very easy! ”“ Crazy ….. you don’t care about our environment? … You could have taken the train that short distance. ”The reference to the government district was apparently aimed at her fiancé Not only is he back in the German Bundestag, but that Christian Lindner is currently in coalition negotiations for the FDP with the SPD and the Greens on a traffic light alliance in the federal government. Lehfeldt is also increasingly focusing on this. (pm)

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