Grüner Habeck suddenly trusts the Union’s traditional ministry – some reactions are dismissive

Robert Habeck (The Greens) had expressed interest in the Ministry of Finance, but Christian Lindner (FDP) could dispute his position. How flexible is Habeck?

Berlin – The Greens, SPD and FDP are in the middle of coalition negotiations. The new federal government should actually be in place before Christmas, but the negotiations on the traffic light coalition are currently crunching. Now considerations are loud as to which post the previous Green leader Robert Habeck could take on in the future. Finance minister, interior minister or maybe climate protection minister?

Robert Habeck: The Green boss brings this background with him

The post of finance minister is considered to be the second most important after the federal chancellor. The Greens see the Federal Ministry of Finance as a key position in the fight against climate change. Because this is where it is decided whether ideas get the necessary funding for their implementation. Robert Habeck had expressed an interest. But Christian Lindner (FDP) already claimed the position of finance minister during the election campaign – the post now seems to be reserved for him. Without losing face, Lindner could probably no longer do without the Ministry of Finance, my policy observer. If a traffic light coalition is formed, it is already certain that Olaf Scholz (SPD) will become Federal Chancellor. After all, his party received the most votes in the federal election.

So what post could Robert Habeck go to? The 52-year-old is a former state minister in Schleswig-Holstein. He studied philosophy, German and philology, has a doctorate in philosophy and is fluent in Danish. Since 2018 he has been federal chairman of the Greens together with Annalena Baerbock. From his environment it is said that he “trusts almost everything.”

Traffic light negotiations: Habeck as interior minister would be the first Green politician in this office

The lawyer Otto Schily was a founding member of the Greens. He later switched to the SPD and took over the office of Federal Minister of the Interior from 1998 to 2005. He was the only SPD politician in this office – apart from Jürgen Schmude who was in office for 14 days. The FDP provided a total of three interior ministers, the most famous being Hans-Dietrich Genscher. Otherwise, the Ministry of the Interior was always in the hands of the CDU / CSU. So far, the Greens have not had an interior ministry at either the federal or state level. But this year the party made history once before: never before have the Greens at the federal level received so many votes in a federal election. So why not take over what is actually a classic “black” federal ministry for the first time? Robert Habeck said at a party congress that it would be a “stair joke of history” if the Greens, who wanted to expect so much from society, were not ready to expect anything like them HE DOES reported. “Absolutely,” replied Habeck when asked whether the Greens should trust the Ministry of the Interior.

A Green as Minister of the Interior? Head of the police union: “The majority did not want it”

The Ministry of the Interior is the third most important post in the federal government and has gained in importance, especially during the corona pandemic. The topics also include migration and public safety, in which the Greens differ more clearly from their predecessors in this department. These issues would be “an imposition for the party”, judges the HE DOES.

CDU / CSU politicians are critical of a Green politician as Minister of the Interior. North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul, State Secretary Stephan Mayer and Vice Secretary General Florian Hahn showed up IMAGE concerned about. “I expect […]that a possible green interior minister will not undermine the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and let it degenerate into a research institution, ”said Reul, for example. The head of the police union Rainer Wendt said opposite IMAGE: “Habeck would have to work very hard to become a second Otto Schily. But his party stands in his way. One thing is certain: the vast majority of police officers did not want a green interior minister. ”It would be more natural for Habeck to take over the post of climate protection minister. The Greens want to set up this ministry to ensure that the climate targets are met. The climate protection ministry is said to have a special right of veto.

Whether finance minister, interior minister, climate protection minister or a completely different position: In any case, the population wants Habeck to be part of the federal government: 34 percent voted in favor, according to a recent Forsa survey. Christian Lindner want 33 percent of those surveyed to be in the new government. Habeck’s colleague Annalena Baerbock only got 14 percent.

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