Hessen for intensive care beds just below warning level

AIn the afternoon, the Hessian state government will announce the new corona protection rules. Before the meeting of the Corona cabinet, a key benchmark fell again. According to this, Hessian intensive care units last looked after 196 Covid 19 patients. This was announced by the Ministry of Social Affairs. The number of intensive care patients on two consecutive days has decreased. Before that, the country had seen a steady increase. On Friday, the threshold of 200 corona patients in intensive care units was reached. There are also more and more people who have been vaccinated.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

From 200 intensely treated Covid-19 patients, the state government must adopt stricter protective regulations. She gave herself this condition. The hook on the latest figures on bed occupancy and the second guideline, the so-called hospitalization incidence, i.e. the corona patients newly admitted to the hospital within a week per 100,000 inhabitants: the Ministry of Social Affairs only ever names the number from the previous day. The 196 occupied intensive care beds reported in the update on Monday therefore relate to Sunday. The same applies to the number of Covid patients in normal wards. But: While the occupancy of the intensive care beds is stagnating, that in the normal wards continues to rise significantly.

More vaccinated people in intensive care units

The Ministry puts it at the last 626. In the update from Friday, referring to the number from the previous day, 566 was mentioned. That means an increase of almost eleven percent from Thursday to Sunday. The hospitalization incidence stagnates at 3.75. On Friday it had reached the previous high of 4.1.

Meanwhile, the intensive care units are accepting more and more people who have been vaccinated with Covid-19. The Ministry of Social Affairs puts their share at 26.7 percent. 66.2 percent are unvaccinated after 69.7 percent, as reported on Friday. At 4.1 percent, the vaccination status is currently unknown, as it is said.

The trend in the seven-day incidence also shows a clear upward trend: Hessian health authorities recorded 149 new corona infections within a week per 100,000 inhabitants according to positive PCR tests. The federal average is a good 200, a record. Offenbach with 260 and Frankfurt with 208 have the highest values ​​in Hesse. Darmstadt comes on 132 and Wiesbaden on 125. The Hersfeld-Rotenburg district continues to have the best comparatively with a good 81. The Robert Koch Institute recorded 583 new cases of infection overnight. At the beginning of the week, however, delay in reporting from test laboratories is reflected in significantly lower numbers than around the middle of the week.


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