Igea sees “clear data” for the “disappearance” of the PSOE “if he continues to be an idiot”




“It cannot be that the political debate is that, when something happens to me, the reason is always that they have a mania for me for being from León.” With these words, the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, wanted to make it clear that, despite the fact that “one’s passion for the land is very good, one must tell the citizens of León the truth.”

In an interview
published yesterday, Sunday, by La Nueva Crónica
and collected by Ical, Igea assures that it does not know why in León they consider the members of the autonomous government as “the dangerous Jacobin centralists”, when “there is a councilor who focuses her Lionsism on that, when there is a crisis in LM, Inbiotec or in Jupiter Bach, goes, works, meets for hours and hours and helps to find a solution.

For the vice president, “it is hard to put up with being told that things are not done because they are in León”, which is “a very comfortable way of doing politics” and an “addictive victimhood” that is based on “separating things go to improve “, something that” in the long term is very dangerous “, since” nationalism is the most dangerous thing for the nation, because what it does is put a blindfold on the citizens in front of the problems and tell them that they are going to be solved when these lousy gentlemen leave or when I part ways. That populist and toxic way of understanding things leads to deterioration.

For the member of Ciudadanos, there is “a problem of representation that should make the big parties with a national project reflect,” which has caused that in Castilla y León there is “a feeling of lack of representation when the national parliamentarians of the PP or the PSOE they vote what they are told and the citizens see that the PNV always gets its share.

In this sense, he considered that “the budgets must have a certain coherence” and that “they cannot continue to be done as now, by auction”, because “the major parties are leading the country to ruin.”

The vice president of the autonomous government acknowledged that Citizens “sinks into a national context due to their mistakes” and highlighted that the president of the Board has not given them reasons “not to believe in his words”, in the same way that he emphasized that ” the polls do not give any reason to provoke an electoral advance “, while if you see” clear “data that” should make the PSOE think that, as the idiot continues to do, he will still disappear. ” Also, the regional vice president wanted to make it clear that “the PSOE has not been able to manage its frustration” after the elections, so that “they have turned their political action into personal disqualification.”

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