Immigrants more often involved in organized crime: Wendt’s demand angered the FDP – “quick shot”

The BKA has recorded a sharp increase in the proportion of suspect immigrants in organized crime. A warning from the police union Wendt met with the FDP in trouble.

Wiesbaden / Munich – From 2019 to 2020, the proportion of immigrants among organized crime suspects has almost doubled, as a report on OC crimes recently published by the Federal Criminal Police Office shows. A political debate is already looming: Police unionist Rainer Wendt sees politicians who promote immigration to be responsible. The FDP reprimanded at the request of the statement as a “populist snap shot”.

Federal Criminal Police Office: Almost every seventh OC suspect is an immigrant

the statistics collected by the BKA seem to show a connection between immigration and participation in organized crime. According to the data, the proportion of immigrants among OC suspects is said to have almost doubled from 2019 to 2020. Accordingly, the authority documented an increase from 7.4 percent to 13.6 percent. Asylum seekers, persons entitled to protection, persons entitled to asylum, quota refugees, tolerated persons or people in “unauthorized residence” are included in the category of immigrants by the BKA.

890 of 6529 OC suspects in 2020 – one in seven – immigrated to Germany. A total of 42.2 percent are said to have only had a “tolerance status”. According to BKA statistics, 13.7 percent of the immigrant OC suspects came to Germany in 2015. The six most common nationalities of suspect immigrants were Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Albania, Iraq and Kosovo.

Compared to the previous year, the number of police investigations against groups in the OC scene increased only slightly in 2020. According to the BKA report, the police carried out 594 preliminary investigations in 2020, and in 2019 this number was 579.

Federal Criminal Police Office: OC gangs involved in huge money laundering activities

The organized crime gangs are also active in various fields, as the BKA report shows. These range from drug trafficking to theft. Money from illegal activities is often put into legal businesses such as real estate and laundered – on a massive scale.

Their crimes turned out to be profitable business for the OK gangs. In 2020, the criminal gangs allegedly made a billion euros profit, of which the police were only able to secure 114 million euros for the time being. Narcotics with 40.4 percent, white collar crime with 15.5 percent, robbery and theft with 12.5 percent and smuggling with 10.3 percent are the preferred “business areas” of the gangs.

38.9 percent of the suspects in organized crime have a German passport. The rest are foreigners with regular residence rights.

Police unionists criticize politicians – FDP takes a stand

Even five years after the great refugee crisis, Europe and Germany are facing major challenges, primarily integration – even if Chancellor Angela Merkel recently stated: “We made it”. Many see a direct connection between the increasing number of OC offenses and the acceptance of immigrants. The same goes for the police unionist Rainer Wendt. According to him, the responsibility here falls on politicians who advocate immigration. “The admission of immigrants leads to a huge growth of OC offenses in Germany,” said the 64-year-old trade unionist Image: “Politicians who promote immigration have to know and be responsible for this.”

Upon request from The FDP – which, together with the Ampel partners, advocates a new course in migration – took a stand against Wendt’s statement and accused the trade unionist of populism. “With hot-headed comments and populist snap shots in the Rainer Wendt manner, internal security in Germany is not helped,” said FDP politician Konstantin Kuhle on Monday. (bb)

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