Italy asks the National Court to interrogate Pollo Carvajal



The Milan Prosecutor’s Office has issued a European Investigation Order addressed to his colleagues from the National High Court to request a statement from the Venezuelan General Hugo Carvajal andn in relation to an alleged irregular financing of the Movimiento 5 Estrellas party on behalf of the Chavista regime, as reported to ABC in legal sources.

As this newspaper reported, a few days ago the Italian justice showed its interest in listening to Carvajal, who is at the disposal of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 pending extradition to the US, after learning that he was collaborating with justice and that his revelations had led to the reopening of an old case in Spain about alleged irregular financing of Podemos.

The origin of the funds, as well as the motivation and modus operandi, would have been the same with the Italian left-wing party, since what Carvajal has been telling the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón is that the government of Hugo Chavez, for the who served at the head of the intelligence services, financed with cash that traveled by diplomatic bag to movements social and political left in different parts of the world.

In the case of Italy, the open investigation and for which Carvajal is wanted to hear has its origin in an information revealed exclusively by ABC in June 2020
with confidential documentation from the General Directorate of Military Intelligence that he himself directed

That letter detailed that Nicolás Maduro, then foreign minister, had authorized the sending of 3.5 million euros “safely and secretly” to Gianroberto Casaleggio, founder of the 5 Star Movement and now deceased, as “promoter of a revolutionary and anti-capitalist leftist movement in the Republic of Italy.”

The intermediation, according to the writing, it would have been carried out by the consul of the Venezuelan diplomatic legation in Milan, Gian Carlo di Martino. The cash would move like this, in a suitcase and through a diplomatic bag, avoiding controls. Carvajal has declared in the National Court that this system was frequent and would also have been used to finance Kichnerism in Argentina and, in Spain, people linked to Podemos.

Extradition, in the background

The Italian authorities ask the Spanish authorities to allow them to question him in order to delve into this matter, which is part of an investigation for both alleged irregular financing and money laundering. The European Investigation Order has already entered the National Court and will be managed in Central 6.

Meanwhile, Carvajal
has begun to provide some of the names of witnesses that he announced to the judge
that it would provide so that they could support their version of irregularities in the specific case of Podemos, as long as they are declared protected. They will not be cited immediately, according to the legal sources consulted by this newspaper. The reopened investigation, in any case, is ongoing.

Regarding the extradition process, the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court has already remedied the remaining fringes and sent the guarantee order to the United States for signature. It is pending that they respond to continue with the delivery, Although it may still be delayed by the request for judicial collaboration urged by the Italian authorities.

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