Jácome orders the dismissal of trusted opposition personnel and calls for a change in the model




Gonzalo Pérez Jácome turns Orense politics upside down again. The mayor of the city of As Burgas wants to turn around, like a sock, the allocation of resources to municipal political groups. Said and done: this Monday, according to the council, he gave an order to dismiss the personnel assigned to the groups (two from the PSOE, one from the BNG and one from Citizens); and summons the spokesmen of the political groups for a new meeting in which to close a new model, which would be taken to the municipal plenary session. Jácome’s idea: that the money that the council allocates to remunerate this staff is given to the parties, and that they spend it “as they see fit,” the information note collects.

To transmit his plans first-hand and loudly, Jácome already summoned this Monday to a first contact with the spokesmen. Those from PP (Flora Moure) and PSOE (Rafael Rodríguez Villarino) attended. José Araújo, from Ciudadanos, could not be present and spoke with the mayor. The BNG did not send Luis Seara or any other emissary, which was conveniently criticized by Jácome (“at the beginning of the mandate I called them to talk about exclusive dedications, distribution of funds and temporary personnel; where he risked his salary, He came, but now, as he already has a fixed salary, no »).

Jácome had always wanted to take this step but had agreed to accept the “gentlemen’s agreement” by which the opposition groups had support personnel, hired by the mayor, indicate from the consistory. Although, they insist, it was not the “preferred” model for the councilor, he agreed to respect what was a “consensus” agreement. “I did not agree, but I gave in,” he explains.

Up to now. Jácome understands that in recent months there has been a «game of knives» in Orense, with «tricks and deceptions» by the opposition groups, which, he accuses, «they say they are going to vote on some things in plenary session and then they will not vote. make”. That is why he understands that the consensus “was broken” and, with it, the gentleman’s agreement, and he sees his hands free to “reset this.” “I would not accept to return to the status quo of the previous plenary session,” he threatens.

«I prefer that the parties have funds and the capacity to choose and spend in what they consider. For example, “he reasoned,” that they can hire if they want a temporary staff that is a phenomenon and pay them 4,000 euros a month, instead of hiring two for 2,000. Or that, if they prefer, they can hire eight part-time workers, “he added. In the case of Democracia Ourensana, when “running out of economic resources”, it is noted in the aforementioned note, Jácome advances that he will resort to some of the temporary personnel positions (the rest already work for the government group).

According to the mayor of Orense, despite the abrupt movement, “it is not a measure of pressure.” In his defense, he assured that he has legal reports and judgments that “question” the assignment as it has been done until now, because “the temporary personnel belong to the government group and handing them over to the opposition is contrary to the law, even if do in many councils “, he sentenced.

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