Migrants march on the Belarusian-Polish border

AOn Monday the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border worsened, where migrants, mostly from Iraq and Syria, have been trying to get into the EU for weeks. As early as Monday morning, images were spread on social media showing long lines of people with backpacks and bags moving on and along a road in the direction of the Brusgi – Kuznica Bialostocka border crossing. Around noon, the Polish border guards announced that they had repulsed an attempt to violently cross the border. A spokesman for the Polish government said the Belarusian regime apparently wanted to provoke bloodshed at the border.

Video recordings from both sides of the border showed how the barbed wire fence erected by Poles in recent months had been torn down in places, while on the Polish side a dense chain of security forces with shields guarded the border. The Polish government called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council because of the situation on the border. Rumors had already been growing at the weekend that on Monday there could be a massive storm of migrants, mostly from Iraq and Syria, on the Polish border.

Lukashenko’s regime blames Poland

The Belarusian state media also reported on the migrants’ march to the border. The Belarusian Border Security Committee announced: “A large group of refugees with belongings” is moving on the road towards the border with Poland. The regime of the Belarusian ruler Alexandr Lukashenko blamed Poland for this situation: “The indifference and inhuman behavior of the Polish government brought the refugees to this step of despair.”

In reality, however, the situation was brought about by the Belarusian side. It is unthinkable that in Belarus, where even small gatherings of people are forcibly dispersed, such columns of people can get into the immediate vicinity of the border without the tolerance or support of the Belarusian authorities. Belarusian uniformed men can be seen on the convoy’s videos posted on social media. Apparently they pushed the migrants off the road to the regular border crossing into the surrounding forest, where people then gathered along the border fence erected by Poles in recent months.


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