My child has acne: tips for its treatment



Each skin type has its peculiarities, but clearly acne skin is the most common when we talk about adolescence. Let’s be aware: it is not easy to live with a face full of pimples … and much less when you are in the stage of puberty. And it is that adolescents need approval, especially when their friends have perfect skin … And so he explains it to us Vicent Alonso, dermatologist, professor of Dermatology and director of the Master in Advanced Aesthetic and Laser Techniques of the
CEU Cardenal Herrera University
: “Acne is a skin disease that in certain cases can cause loss of self-esteem, difficulties in social relationships, shyness, even in more severe cases of adaptive disorders, even cases of depression.”

Parents, your best support

As parents, we must be close to our children and help them to be calm despite their image. The truth is oily skin and acne appear in 80% of teensHowever, it is not easy for them to manage to see themselves with a face full of pimples.

«If we let acne run its course without proper treatment patients can have psychological repercussions due to their concern about their physical appearance. The key as parents is to go to the dermatologist with our child at the first signs of acne, because prevention is always better than treating, ”says Vicent.

That is why we must monitor our adolescent son, in case we see him sad or down. Something very important is that we are open and find ourselves in a good disposition to eliminate insecurities.

The importance of cleaning the skin

Keeping the skin well hydrated and clean helps reduce excess oil. We must encourage them to use micellar waters or cleansing gels every night before applying moisturizer or the acne treatment prescribed by the dermatologist.

We can also help you with makeup: it will help you feel better. But the most important thing is that our adolescent sees that we listen to him and understand how he feels. «Acne has an effective treatment, not only to treat the disease itself but also to prevent and treat its possible sequelae (marks and scars). Being aware of this and putting yourself in the hands of an expert dermatologist is the best position to improve acne anxiety, ”says the CEU expert.

A temporary problem

According to the dermatologist, “in most cases acne is resolved with proper treatment, although it is true that there are cases in which it can reappear even on several occasions, requiring more intense treatment.” And we must make our son understand that acne, in addition to being a normal issue at his age, will not be so forever. Moreover, it has a solution since there are numerous treatments that are adapted to different patients: “The appropriate thing would be at the first appearance of signs of acne (comedones, inflammatory lesions, cysts) and of course always inexcusably when marks or scars appear.”

Solutions within our reach

For acne we have numerous therapeutic solutions both to prevent and to treat its sequelae. «Among the latter we have different lasers and light sources, peels, microdermabrasions and radio frequency. The best treatment for severe acne continues to be oral retinoids (roacutan) as well as certain ablative (CO2) and non-ablative lasers, among others, to resolve the resulting marks and scars ”, concludes the expert.

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