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The most important thing about the corona virus

Merkel urges clear limit values. Intensive care units are filling up rapidly in parts of Germany, including in Bavaria. The Chancellor would like nationwide rules from which the measures in the fight against the pandemic can be derived. Go to Article

Hospital traffic light in Bavaria turns red. More than 600 Covid patients are in the intensive care units, so the critical mark has been exceeded. Stricter rules apply from Tuesday onwards. The seven-day incidence is 316.2. The Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx was infected with the corona virus. Corona news from the Free State

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Klingbeil and Esken want to take over chairmanship of the SPD. The 43-year-old Klingbeil, previously Secretary General, was already considered a promising candidate before his announcement and can have legitimate hopes. The previous co-party leader Walter-Borjans announced a few days ago that he did not want to run again. But Esken wants to continue. Go to Article

Migrants try to break through the border with Poland from Belarus. A group of people tried to break through the border between Poland and Belarus with the help of a spade and a tree trunk. Several hundred people had previously gathered there. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Palestinian NGOs apparently spied on with Pegasus software. Several non-governmental organizations were bugged using the controversial espionage technology, according to a new report. Only a few days ago the US government sanctioned the Israeli manufacturer for “malicious surveillance”. Go to Article

Lake Garda accident: Germans pay compensation. The surviving dependents of the Italian couple who died in June agree on a cash payment with the boat drivers from Munich. The trial against the two Germans is due to begin on Wednesday. Go to Article

Sachsenhausen trial: judge recommends the accused testify. Josef S. is said to have been a security guard in Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Emil Farkas survived this hell. The witness demands only one thing from the accused: finally speak. Support with the claim comes from the bench. To the article (SZ Plus)

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That interested many today

Save pigs. Because there is a lack of butchers in Great Britain, slaughtered animals are exported to the EU to be processed there. After that, the meat comes back to the UK. Go to Article

Millimeter by millimeter in the direction of mandatory vaccination. Should there be a general compulsory vaccination in view of the exploding corona numbers? Nobody wants to go that far with “Anne Will” – not yet. But Markus Söder feels his way carefully. Go to Article

Not funny. The enemy is on the left: How the legendary “Monty Pythons” of all things got into the wheels of the new English lack of humor. Go to Article

Last but not least

From above. Treetops seem irresistible to cats at times. And then? Two professional rescuers from the USA demonstrate how they can get the desperate animals back on the ground. Go to Article

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