ÖVP outraged – “coercive regime”: Kickl calls for a corona demo

FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl wants to take to the streets again because of the tightened corona measures. On Monday he announced a “demonstration for freedom, human dignity, health and against discrimination and coercion”. The rally, in which the Freedom Party want active participation, should take place in the coming weeks, it said. In addition, lawyers would work on lawsuits and reports against the “3 and 2G coercive regime of the ÖVP and the Greens”.

Kickl had already appeared at demonstrations by opponents of the corona measures at the beginning of the year, but not recently. Now the FPÖ wants to take the initiative again itself – probably also in view of the election success of the anti-vaccination opponents “Human Freedom Fundamental Rights” (MFG).

He also announced a demonstration on Facebook, but it would take “a little time” to organize it. This should “become something big that everyone can help with, if enough”.

Nothing has changed in the arguments of the FPÖ boss. In his opinion, the turquoise-green government “has more than overstepped the curve in all areas with its Corona dictate – and that in all areas”. All age groups in Austria, “from babies to grandparents”, are “victims of this madness in some way”.

According to Kickl, the announced lawsuits would concern labor law, patient rights as well as fundamental and freedoms and also concern the highest courts. In parliament, too, the FPÖ wanted to put up “even stronger resistance”.

ÖVP: “Kickl accelerates the spread of the virus”
The ÖVP is outraged that the FPÖ is taking to the streets again. With this, Kickl and his blue allies accelerated the spread of the virus instead of assuming state political responsibility, said Gaby Schwarz, Deputy General Secretary of the People’s Party, in a broadcast.


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