Poland closes the border crossing in Kuznica

Wowing to the tense situation on the border with Belarus, Poland wants to close a border crossing to its eastern neighbor. From Tuesday 7 a.m., border traffic for goods and people at the Kuznica crossing will be stopped, the border guard announced on Monday via Twitter. Travelers were asked to use the border crossings in Terespol and Bobrowniki.

On Monday, according to the Polish authorities, larger groups of migrants on the Belarusian side near Kuznica tried in vain to break through the border. Poland’s border guards reported in the evening that the migrants had set up camp there. “We withstood the first wave and wait to see what happens in a while when night falls. We are well prepared, “said a spokesman for the agency of the PAP agency. It is not known what the Belarusian security forces wanted to surprise the Poles with.

The Polish authorities believe that hundreds of people will try to break through the border. The Polish government spokesman said there are currently 3,000 to 4,000 people near the Polish border. Over ten thousand migrants in Belarus are hoping to get into the European Union. Poland accuses the Belarusian leadership of preparing a “great provocation”.

Hundreds of migrants stand on the Belarusian side in front of the border fence with Poland.

Hundreds of migrants stand on the Belarusian side in front of the border fence with Poland.

Image: dpa

In view of the escalation of the refugee dispute with Belarus, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called for a new sanction decision by the member states. She called on the member states to “approve the extended sanctions regime against the Belarusian authorities responsible for this hybrid attack,” said von der Leyen in Brussels on Monday evening. The EU will also examine sanctions against “airlines from third countries that operate in human beings”.


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