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Poland’s government is looking for an answer to a dramatic escalation of the migrant crisis on the border with Belarus. According to consistent reports and pictures, thousands of migrants are apparently brought there with the assistance of Belarusian security forces and are encouraged to cross the border by force.

Both Belarusian media like Videos of the Polish border guards showed how up to 2,000 migrants tried on Monday at the border town of Kuźnica, northeast of Białystok, to overcome a border fence and barbed wire barriers with sticks, trees or metal cutters. Polish forces used tear gas to stop the migrants. On Monday afternoon, however, migrants cut through one last barbed wire barrier. The independent Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Giczan showedhow the migrants chanted “Germany! Germany”. Polish units formed a chain, a helicopter flew over the scene, the further progress of which initially remained uncertain.

Giczan reported on Sunday that in the Belarusian capital Minsk – the focal point for migrants on the way to Poland – thousands of migrants had apparently set out to forcibly storm the border with Poland. The Belarusian oppositionist Franak Viaczorka reported that an armed convoy was accompanying the migrant train to the border. The Belarusian information service Nexta estimated that 3,000 migrants were currently waiting there – this coincides with the information provided by the Polish government spokesman. Journalist Gicuan showedhow armed Belarusian uniformed men in a forest area bring migrants to the fence to Poles. Belarusian units can also be seen on a video from the Polish Ministry of Defense near Kuźnica.

Several thousand migrants have already successfully crossed

In Warsaw, President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Poland’s de facto Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński met with the Ministers for Interior and Defense and the Heads of the Intelligence Service. In addition to thousands of border guards and police officers, Poland deployed more than 12,000 soldiers on the 400-kilometer border. Defense Minister Mariusz Błasczak said Poland was “prepared to defend the Polish border”, but several thousand migrants managed to cross the border illegally. According to the Belarusian opposition politician Viaczorka, 50 more flights a week to Minsk from the Middle East alone are planned. In Moscow explained Foreign Ministry spokeswoman: “Warsaw took an active part in the destruction of Iraq. More than 2000 Polish soldiers invaded this sovereign state to build democracy. Why not accept at least as many grateful Iraqis?”

Poland’s opposition politician Robert Biedron said the crisis had intensified because Poland did not cooperate with international organizations. The EU offered Poland the posting of units from the EU border protection unit Frontex months ago. According to the government spokesman, Warsaw now wants to consult NATO.


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