Police will control the 2G regulation more intensively

As Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (VP) said in a press statement, an additional 800 officials will be called in – including criminal police officers. People who violate the regulations must therefore expect fines. If a vaccination certificate is falsified, there is a risk of criminal prosecution.

The 2G regulation states that, among other things, you can only enter body-related services, restaurants or the cultural and sports area if you have been vaccinated against Corona or have recovered from an infection. The corresponding controls – currently there are around 10,000 per week – the police now want to “significantly increase”, as the interior minister said. The specially assigned 800 additional officers will not be on patrol alone; there will also be criminal investigations – for example against forgeries of vaccination certificates.

Video: The statement by Interior Minister Karl Nehammer

What the controls will look like in concrete terms was discussed in the morning by the state police headquarters, as the Director General for Public Security, Franz Ruf, said. However, controls are mainly carried out using the “Greencheck” app, which police officers can use to check immediately whether the vaccination or recovery certificate is valid. Checks are “to be expected in the entire public space,” emphasized Nehammer. The private sector is still excluded.

It can be expensive for corona senders. A lack of proof can result in fines of up to 500 euros in the inn, for example, the restaurant operator faces a fine of up to 30,000 euros. If the evidence is falsified, there are even criminal consequences: According to the Minister of the Interior, suspects are investigated for the offenses of fraud or serious fraud and / or forgery of documents. “This is no trivial offense,” said Nehammer.

The aim of the large control print is not only to push the number of cases down again, but also to get more people to vaccinate. “The vaccination protects and can be a lifesaver,” said Nehammer. In addition, it is an expression of social solidarity.


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