Provisional imprisonment for all those detained by the ‘aerial patera’ of Palma



The head of the Court of Instruction 6 of Palma, who was on duty this Monday, has decreed provisional prison, communicated and without bail for the twelve detainees for escaping from the plane that made an emergency landing last Friday in Palma and that forced the Son Sant Joan airport to close for four hours.

The magistrate endorses the thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office, which requested that the detainees be put in prison because it considers that they may have incurred two possible crimes of sedition, another one of favoring the illegal immigration and a public disorder room. Given the seriousness of the crimes and the high risk of flight, the Public Ministry considered that the best option is to be admitted to prison while awaiting trial. For their part, the defenses demanded his automatic expulsion from Spain in application of the so-called ‘hot returns’, which has been rejected due to the seriousness of the alleged acts. Most of the detainees have refused to testify, except for the one who feigned diabetic coma, who claimed to be innocent.

Likewise, the hypothesis that everything was an orchestrated plan Previously, as the Police thought, it gains strength after the investigation confirmed yesterday that several of the detainees are part of the Moroccan Facebook group called Brooklyn. “Guys, listen, most want to emigrate. Follow this plan: we need 40 volunteers. All the Brooklyn boys who book a plane to Turkey and fly over Spain ”, claimed last July the user with the acronym YS, a young man from Casablanca who works as the group’s administrator.

Meanwhile, the Police and the Civil Guard are still looking for the other dozen young people who ran out of the Air Arabia Maroc plane when it made an emergency stopover in Son Sant Joan to attend to one of the detainees, who was allegedly suffering from a coma diabetic. At that time, while the health services were checking the patient, several dozen young people decided run away and run away through the tracks of the Palmesan aerodrome.

Given the situation, Aena decided to paralyze the operation of Son Sant Joan for four hours until at the stroke of midnight airplanes left and entered Mallorca again. The closure affected about 60 aircraft they had to be delayed or diverted to other airports.

An ambulance transported the supposedly sick person to the Son Llàtzer hospital, where the emergency physicians certified that he was in perfect condition. The patient, a 32-year-old Moroccan, had a police record in Spain after being arrested in 2020 in Marbella for crimes against property and resistance to authority. That Friday night he was admitted to the hospital in custody. The other passenger who accompanied him to the medical center fled inadvertently, although he was arrested shortly thereafter. The same fate suffered another ten escaped passengers, who were arrested in Manacor Street, in Palma; Sa Cabaneta and Es Figueral, in Marratxí; and in the vicinity of the Son Sant Joan airport.

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