“Querdenker” demo in Leipzig: journalists attacked, Green politicians harassed

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The “lateral thinkers” protest in Leipzig on Saturday. The situation is escalating. Several people are injured, including a journalist.

Update from Monday, November 8th, 2021, 10.30 a.m .: Journalists were also attacked at the “Querdenker” demonstration in Leipzig on November 6th, 2021. A video on Twitter shows how a protester pulls a photographer to the ground and several people join him and hit him and people accompanying him. A journalist is said to have been injured.

During an interview, the co-organizer of the counter-protests, Jürgen Kasek, was also attacked. The green politician’s mask was pulled down. “That I choose to wear a mask … I wear the mask out of consideration. Nobody else has to come and reach into it. And this encroachment on the part of the ‘lateral thinker’ scene to mean everything better is actually a problem. That annoys me, ”said Kasek to the MDR. And furthermore, the freedom of the individual ceases where “it affects the freedom of the other”.

Escalation in the “lateral thinker” demo in Leipzig: authorities give details

+++ Update from Sunday, November 7th, 2021, 7:23 am: In Leipzig, a demonstration by the “lateral thinkers” movement ended again in a violent confrontation with the police. The extent of the escalation becomes clear on Sunday morning.

According to the police, more than 30 preliminary proceedings were initiated against participants in the “lateral thinking” demonstration in Leipzig. The allegations include assault, breach of the peace, property damage and resistance to law enforcement officers. At least one police officer was seriously injured, according to the authorities. He had to be taken to a hospital. According to unconfirmed reports, there are also said to have been injuries on the part of the demonstrators. On Sunday morning, however, there was no information on the number of people who might be injured.

The “Querdenker” demo in Leipzig escalated.

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“Querdenker” demo in Leipzig: Police use batons and pepper spray

+++ 10.45 p.m .: The “lateral thinker” protest on Saturday in Leipzig has turned into violence. Several emergency services were injured in clashes between demonstration participants and the police. According to the LVZ, an official had to go to inpatient treatment. How many injuries suffered in total was not yet certain on Saturday evening.

The police launched several investigations into the violation of the peace, property damage, bodily harm and resistance to law enforcement officers. Batons and pepper spray were used during the afternoon. A breakdown at the police station ensured that a “lateral thinker” elevator could take place in the direction of Augustusplatz despite the ban.

+++ 9:22 p.m .: The situation in Leipzig has now relaxed again. More and more groups are leaving the “lateral thinkers” protests on Richard-Wagner-Platz and other places in the city center. The police continue to carry out identity checks in connection with violations of the Corona Ordinance of Saxony and participation in prohibited elevators. There were chase scenes and scuffles in many places.

At a demonstration of the “lateral thinkers” movement in Leipzig, riots broke out.

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“Lateral thinker” demo in Leipzig: Thousands protest against Corona measures

+++ 19:39: The happenings in Leipzig meanwhile mainly take place at Richard-Wagner-Platz. Both “lateral thinkers” and a few hundred counter-demonstrators have gathered there. At 7 p.m. the demonstration of the “Leipzig Citizens’ Movement” began. Their motto is: “Freedom Day! Compulsory vaccination, no thanks! ”Water cannons and clearing tanks from the police, who are trying to separate the two camps, are waiting there.

+++ 6.13 p.m .: It is getting more and more confusing in Leipzig. In many places in the city center, there are scuffles between participants in the “lateral thinkers” demonstration and the police. At Augustusplatz, the emergency services announced: “You are participating in an unauthorized meeting. That is why ID determinations are now being carried out for all participants. ”The police are occasionally complying with this announcement, reports the LVZ.

“Querdenker” demo in Leipzig: Police arrest 24 people from the right-wing scene

+++ 17.36 p.m .: On the sidelines of the “lateral thinkers” demonstration against corona measures in Leipzig, the police arrested 24 people from the right-wing scene today. The police informed them that they were carrying prohibited items and were taken into custody. “You cannot take part in any more events today.”

The police are in action in Leipzig with a large number. This also included three squadrons of water cannons. The number of demonstrators is estimated at a few thousand. Because the assembly area on Augustusplatz was full, more demonstrators were diverted to an alternative area. There were also counter-protests.

Participants in the “lateral thinking” demonstration face the police on Augustusplatz in Leipzig.

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The emergency services have now set up a supply point in Goethestrasse / Ritterstrasse, as several emergency calls from injured people have been received.

“Unconventional thinker” demo escalated in Leipzig: police use batons and pepper spray

+++ 17.23 p.m .: Several thousand participants gathered for the “lateral thinker” demonstration in Leipzig, as a police spokesman told the LVZ. The situation is complicated, because passers-by keep getting mixed up in the action. Occasionally, police chains have been overrun. The ban on a meeting, however, is not the responsibility of the police, but the assembly authority.

The mood in Leipzig is heated. The police are trying to cordon off Goethestrasse. In order to prevent further elevations of the “lateral thinkers”, the emergency services provide water cannons.

++ 4:54 p.m .: At the “Querdenker” demo in Leipzig, there were clashes between demonstrators and the police, as video recordings show. The emergency services use batons and pepper spray and open water cannons. The participants in the demo are requested to clear the areas at the barriers. Again and again they shout: “We are the people”.

“Querdenker” demo in Leipzig: Maximum number of participants reached before the start

+++ 3.45 p.m .: In the “lateral thinker” protest of the so-called “Leipzig Movement”, the maximum number of participants has already been reached before the officially announced start at 3 pm. A police spokesman had confirmed this to the Leipziger Volkszeitung. The corona advance warning level, which has been in force since Friday, allows meetings only in a stationary manner and with a maximum of 1000 people.

The “Leipzig Movement” originally registered 3,000 participants. It must now be clarified how the protest can take place and what should happen to people who want to join the demonstration. Numerous demonstrators are currently trying to force their way onto Augustusplatz. However, the entrances are sealed off by the police. Several people had already been taken into custody in the run-up to the “lateral thinker” demonstration.

“Unconventional thinkers” demonstration in Leipzig: the protection of the Constitution warns of radicalization

First report: Leipzig – With a large police presence, emergency services are to accompany several demonstrations in Leipzig on Saturday afternoon (November 6th, 2021). In addition to an announced demonstration of the “lateral thinkers” against the Corona-Measures * should also be demonstrated against a “compulsory vaccination”. The central demonstration, for which a number of counter-protests were registered, was registered by the group “Movement Leipzig”. Of the originally 3000 registered participants, only 1000 are allowed due to the development of the pandemic in Saxony.

The police warned of traffic restrictions and possible closures due to the demonstrations in the inner city of the Saxon city in the run-up to the event. To make matters worse, there is also a top Bundesliga game in the city: at 6.30 p.m. the game between the local soccer team Red Bull Leipzig against the current runners-up Borussia Dortmund will kick off.

Planned “lateral thinker” demo in Leipzig: Police are planning a large-scale operation and are calling for reinforcements

Also because of the experience of a “Unconventional thinkers ”demonstration last year*, during which 20,000 demonstrators marched through the inner city of Leipzig, the forces of the Saxon police have prepared for a large-scale operation. In addition to the forces of the Saxon riot police, the Leipzig Police Department also received support from a police helicopter, a water cannon squadron and a cavalry squadron. The Saxon Ministry of the Interior has also requested reinforcements from other federal states.

Counter-demonstrator: inside at the lateral thinker protests last November. Numerous counter-protests have also been registered for Saturday. (Archive photo)

© Zentralbild / dpa

In view of the current developments, the Thuringian constitution protection president Stephan Kramer warned in an interview with the editorial network Germany against a radicalization of corona deniers: inside and opponents: inside of the corona measures. “The fourth wave that Discussion about booster vaccinations* and tightening of corona measures such as the expansion of 2G regulations can lead to a new push for the scene. ”

Radicalization in the out-of-the-box thinker scene: the protection of the constitution are alarmed

Kramer pointed out that this tendency can be seen not only in demonstrations, but above all in Internet comments. “We are witnessing mobbing, insults, physical attacks and ultra-aggressive behavior all over the country.” This is now the order of the day nationwide. The fourth wave of the pandemic as well as “communication deficits and contradictions in politics, for example with regard to booster vaccinations”, led to the fact that the scene felt confirmed and was “further fueled”. (lrg / red / dpa) * fr.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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