Seven skippers were arrested in which eight people died on the way to Gran Canaria

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The National Police have detained seven skippers of three boats who arrived in the Canary Islands between August and October, on crossings in which six people lost their lives in addition to a minor and a woman who died on the island due to the terrible conditions of the trip. In total, a total of 126 immigrants traveled in these boats.

The police investigation made it possible to identify without any doubt and subsequently arrest seven of the immigrants, all of them men, such as the allegedly responsible for patronizing the boats and direct the trips. The detainees are between 18 and 38 years old, and are alleged perpetrators of crimes of favoring illegal immigration and reckless homicide.

The seven skippers also traveled to the islands in these three boats along with 119 other immigrants. Three of those investigated they claimed to be minors upon arrival with the supposed purpose of evading the action of justice, but the medical tests determined the age of majority of all of them.

On August 27, a boat with 31 sub-Saharan immigrants arrived at the port of Arguineguín, in the south of Gran Canaria, towed by a boat from the Maritime Rescue Service. Inside it, they were also located four lifeless bodies (a man and three women, one of them a minor). A few hours after reaching land, another of the women died due to the terrible conditions of the trip, which, according to the migrants themselves, had lasted about 15 days since their departure.

Already in October, two other boats were rescued to the south of Gran Canaria and transferred to Arguineguín, with 52 and 43 immigrants on board. In the boats also one and two people died on board respectively, in addition to a baby, who arrived at the Gran Canaria pier in cardiorespiratory arrest.

As explained by several of the occupants, a second body was thrown into the sea during the voyage, which in this case lasted seven days from the time they left the coast of Morocco.

The investigation was carried out by agents of the Units against Illegal Immigration Networks and Borders of Las Palmas, and the alleged perpetrators of the crimes of favoring illegal immigration and reckless homicide were made available to the judicial authority competent, who decreed the admission to prison of all of them.

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