SPD tip Esken and Klingbeil: An anchor of stability

SPD – the party of surprises. Because one of their youngest top politicians, Lars Klingbeil, 43 years old, is one of those who have been around the longest. He has seen, endured and led half a dozen party leaders. Among them were very different characters, such as Martin Schulz, Andrea Nahles and just Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans. Klingbeil will now become party chairman himself, together with Esken. Can that go well? After all, Klingbeil had clearly spoken out in favor of the duo of Olaf Scholz and Klara Geywitz in the previous election for the chairman. Nonetheless, the answer is: yes, that can go well.

This is primarily due to the people themselves. Esken claims that SPD to have managed successfully for two years. What is true – and again not. Because Esken and Walter-Borjans had to collect their great promise from winter 2019 to lead the SPD out of the grand coalition very quickly. They didn’t keep what they were chosen to do. The resistance was simply too great. That was just not so noticeable in the party because the pandemic soon broke out and even the greatest critics of the grand coalition recognized that a stable federal government is now needed.

Esken then caught on from time to time with astonishing to frightening comments. She thought there was a “latent racism” among the German security forces. When Donald Trump wanted to ban Antifa, she tweeted: “58 and Antifa. Of course. ”She called for the withdrawal of German soldiers from Iraq and called tax cuts“ dangerous ”. In the federal election campaign, the CDU tried to make Esken the protagonist of a red sock campaign. But that didn’t really ignite.

Amazingly adaptable

And that also had something to do with the other person in the new duo, with Klingbeil. Klingbeil is one of the conservative Social Democrats. He is probably the only one in the top management who is positive about the former Chancellor while the tape is running Gerhard Schröder speaks. Klingbeil from Lower Saxony had once demonstrated against his policies, and then he worked for him. Even then, Klingbeil’s amazing adaptability was evident. Is that arbitrariness? More likely the flexibility that is needed to survive high up in politics. He will give Esken the freedom at the party leadership that it needs so that the base, which Esken still sees as its representative, is largely satisfied.


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