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The club is working on an all-party motion to fight a pandemic, with which one wants to force the others to show their colors.

Haimbuchner regrets “being able to attend the conference only from his office in the Linz country house due to the 2.5G regulation set at short notice by the organizer”, was read on Friday in a broadcast from the state on the occasion of the housing consultants’ conference. For the SP it is clear that the FP boss has probably not been vaccinated. Haimbuchner fell ill with Corona in March and was even in the intensive care unit – his recovered status has therefore probably already expired according to the current legal situation.

“I recently had my antibody status determined again and all my doctors tell me that I have a very high level of protection,” said Haimbuchner when asked by the APA. “I am not an opponent of vaccinations, but I am a strict opponent of mandatory vaccination and I will use all legal means to combat this objectively unjustified treatment of those who have recovered.” He believes that the rule not to include those who have recovered “who have natural protection from antibodies” in the 2G rule is completely wrong. The Ministry of Health has made it clear, however, that antibody tests to decide whether a vaccination is necessary, “according to the recommendations of the National Vaccination Board, are neither useful nor recommended”.

Gerstorfer criticizes corona management

In the state government meeting, no proof has yet been requested, reported Landesrtin Gerstorfer when asked, but 3G applies to all employees in the state. At the next state government meeting, you will question “whether everyone has 2G or 2.5G evidence”. In addition, it was a bad signal that the state parliament had moved back from the Corona alternative quarters in the U-Hof to the smaller country house in October. For the 2.5G regulation in the state parliament suggested by the SP, however, the FP immediately rejected: “We will not agree to any further tightening of the measures,” said Haimbuchner.

Gerstorfer generally criticized the black and blue corona management in Upper Austria: “We always want to be number one in Upper Austria, but a completely different picture can be seen when it comes to fighting pandemics.” There are too few test and spontaneous vaccination options, you need at least one per district, and she again called for anti-corona centers in each district, where you can get advice in addition to vaccination and testing. The exit controls – now abolished again – at the borders of the high incidence districts would have created uncertainty because they were not visible: “It is not enough to deploy four armed forces per district,” said Gerstorfer.

Club chairman Michael Lindner pointed out in view of an o. Seven-day incidence of around 1,000 on Monday that “an immunized state government must be a matter of course”. He is currently working on a joint declaration by the state parliament parties, which should include this role model role of the state government and that “state politicians end anti-vaccination propaganda”, as well as a commitment to comprehensive PCR test possibilities, more staff for the crisis groups and the better integration of various stakeholders . A joint declaration would, however, need the approval of all parliamentary groups – including the MFG – but Lindner hopes at least a five-party proposal from the others.

Increasing numbers in negotiations

It is not denied that politicians overslept the issue of Corona in the state election campaign, but Gerstorfer points out that the SP has always held its events with high security standards. The VP, “who is primarily responsible, did not address the issue at all”. The phase of the coalition negotiations was worse than the election campaign, because the numbers had already risen significantly again. However, it would have been detrimental to the negotiations of two “so contrary partners” in the case of Corona as VP and FP to raise the issue of the pandemic, she says. After all, the issue is only half a page in the coalition agreement.

“The common goal in Upper Austria is that everyone who wants to be vaccinated can get their vaccination quickly. We are doing everything we can to significantly increase the vaccination rate in Upper Austria,” said VP regional party secretary Florian Hiegelsberger in a broadcast. The increase in vaccinations in the past few days shows “that the path we have chosen is the right one”.

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