“Supporting the Accounts without a legislative agreement would be wasting time and deceiving citizens”

Without having yet sat down to negotiate its necessary support for the Community Budgets, Por Ávila is strong enough to make one of its founding “objectives” come true. Not only do they want PP and Cs to accept some amendments that they have not yet revealed, but they also propose as “a requirement” that support for the Accounts be accompanied by a legislative agreement that blocks an electoral advance “that no one would understand” or a second socialist motion of no confidence. In return, they assure that they only claim “logical demands” that “will not generate differences between provinces.”

How does it take to be the president of the training that has in hand the approval of the Budget of the largest Community in Spain?

Without any pressure. Is a

chance. When we founded the party, one of the objectives was to be able to reach a situation like this with the certainty that we are a formation with common sense that we are committed to the unity of the Community and Spain and that we politically pursue greater equality among all . In addition to Budgets, we want to ensure stability. Supporting the Community Accounts without a parallel political agreement would be misleading the citizens. We would be debating smoke and the Accounts would be a useless tool.

What you propose seems more like a wish than a scenario that can be given in the short term.

It is a requirement. Two years before the regional elections, an agreement is reached with the three formations is necessary so that a political normality can be achieved and we are not talking in March of a possible motion of censure or an electoral advance because there is some type of no understanding in the Board. It would be the certainty that these budgets and those of 2023 are a reality. We are going to put everything on the table so that we can provide stability with the guarantee, in addition to the fact that what we ask for Ávila is not impossible.

But do you rule out simply repeating what happened last year and you just vote on the Budget?

It is complex that it occurs. When we sit down with PP and Cs we will have that condition because we are not here to waste time.

You have already said that from the outset they do not support the Accounts … Is this your way of putting pressure on the coalition government?

The ‘no’ comes after a presentation of a project that we have valued and in which we miss new investments for the province and the execution of those that are approved.

“We assume that the more relevance the PP gives us, the more punishment they will receive at the provincial level” “It would be very risky for Mr. Tudanca if he didn’t prosper either”

What has gone wrong so that the political pact that you want has not already been reached?

Both PP and Cs have found themselves comfortable governing with specific agreements, but right now the scenario is different because a Cs attorney has taken another path and they do not have a majority. They have always said that they feel comfortable with Por Ávila as an interlocutor because they understand that our claims are logical. In this regard, we have heard that we are asking according to what things that would cause a greater difference between provinces. Look, if asking for a heliport for a capital like Ávila is making a difference …

But they don’t just have that claim. Can you advance any of the new amendments that you are going to present and consider non-negotiable?

We have arranged to meet in the next few days to sit down with our proposals. Out of respect for PP and Cs we are not going to make them public yet. We will say them and the citizens will be able to evaluate if we ask impossible or are logical demands for a province that for years they have left in abandonment.

Are you already talking to PP and Cs or are what you are saying rather declarations of intent?

We have a cordial and fluid relationship with Mr. Igea, and on different occasions we have also sat down to talk with the Chairman of the Board and with the Minister of Economy and Finance, but it is true that the political course has not required having to return to celebrate those meetings that are now necessary.

When was then the last time you spoke with the president of the Board and the autonomous PP about these matters?

You would be lying if I told you an exact date. It has been months since he received us in his office, but it is true that when there are events in which we participate, the treatment is cordial and that is appreciated because we are still a small group.

Is it more difficult to understand with the PP because you are an excision of the popular?

I am convinced that if an agreement has not been reached with the Popular Party at the regional level before, it is because they logically have the handicap of their provincial formation. If the Por Ávila project grows, it is detrimental to the PP here. Is a reality. As from Avila it is a shame, but we assume that the more relevance they give us, the more punishment they will receive at the provincial level. In any case, they have to understand that this is what the people of Avila have chosen and perhaps they should criticize their electoral results.

In the medium term, do you see it possible that Por Ávila ‘will be’ the PP again?

We speak of people when we refer to Por Ávila. We are backed in the capital by more than 11,000 votes. It is an established political project. That there are people who want to make a political career tomorrow and listen to offers … The mayor of Ávila has already asked that they stop calling, offering to return to the PP. We are different from them or the PSOE and we will be what the people of Avila want us to be.

From the Board they point out that the PSOE could present a new motion of censure in March. Would you understand that the socialists repeated movement?

I am very respectful of the decisions of the parties. If there is a political agreement between PP, Cs and Por Ávila, they would not have room for action for that motion and I understand that it would also be very risky for Mr. Tudanca himself to be able to present a second one that does not prosper either.

Do you think that if there were more parties like yours and the UPL, the Community could become ungovernable?

It is a political reality. It does not depend on anyone. If the City Council of the capital governs Por Ávila, if it has a presence in the Provincial Council and we have a solicitor in the Cortes, it is because the citizen has chosen him. We come from a very strong bipartisanship that has broken down and continues with its internal troubles. What we do do is call for any training that arises to do so from common sense and seeking equality and balance among citizens.

And don’t you see that this balance is being sought in the Community?

I am honestly concerned that there are first-class and second-class citizens, that an Avila who suffers a stroke does not have the same treatment and improvement possibilities as the one who suffers it in Valladolid.


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