The BNG buries its past and no longer declares itself independent




In its eagerness to “broaden the base” and contest the presidency of the Xunta from the PP in 2024, the BNG no longer declares itself to be independent. In the assembly last Sunday, in La Coruña, Rubén Cela stepped out to establish a position and point out that they are “The common house of nationalism”, yes, but that the Bloc “is not pro-independence”. This Monday the national spokesperson, Ana Pontón, after the first meeting of the new national executive, assured that her party, ideologically, it is “where it always was”, and that it “did not move”.

Ponton argued that its “principles are so clear that we carry them in name,” and that this “means that we are a nationalist force.” “We are in the same place we have always been,” he insisted. It was inevitable that the media would require him for Cela’s statement, and Pontón tried to get out of the way. “It is evident that Galicia”, he said, “is a nation and we defend that the more decision-making capacity we have, the more sovereignty to defend our interests as a country, the better“, he pointed.

But the truth is that the Block is now in a new stage, in which it tries to be «capable of reaching more and more social sectors, capable of attracting more and more citizens», And this happens by lowering the pro-independence edges, at least semantically. The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Galician Parliament, Pedro Puy, pointed in this direction when he asked “if we are facing an image process or something different.” «I have for myself», he commented, «that this is a clear image process and that there is no change». “This morning I looked in the Dictionary of the Royal Academy for the meaning of the word ‘sovereignty’ and the Royal Academy itself says: synonym, ‘independence'”, warned Puy.

“More BNG than ever”

Just a few hours after the conclave at the Herculine Coliseum, Pontón headed this Monday morning, in a hotel in Santiago, the first meeting of its new executive, which culminated in the appearance of the re-elected spokesperson. She returned to face the cameras with a message under his arm, which was the one that the party emphasized: “We are more BNG than ever”.

“We have to continue growing and contesting the hegemony of the PP with our sights set on managing to lead the government of this country, because we are the real alternative to the PP,” he proclaimed. “There are three years ahead of intense work to make the great goal come true,” he harangued. With an eye on the regional elections of 24, called to “build a winning project” and “majorities”. With a ‘suit’ that reduces the independence burden, but insists that “the country loses when they decide from centralism”, from energy to infrastructure, through financing. “The BNG wants Galicia to win,” he said. And this, for her, happens to be president.

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