The CDU destroyed the membership decision in Baden-Württemberg

EIt’s March 26, 2006, around 10:40 p.m. The CDU has just won the state election with 44.2 percent. Prime Minister Günther Oettinger has beer benches and beer tables moved together in the foyer of the state parliament, the mood is lively, everyone toasts to each other, framed by a bust of the resistance fighter Eugen Bolz and Hayek’s triptych.

Oettinger calls out that he is now looking forward to a “good beer” and “good conversation”. He has just won his first state election, the voters remained extremely loyal to the CDU despite the new Prime Minister.

But the party had difficult months. For the first time in CDU history, the former Prime Minister Erwin Teufel proposed an internal party vote to select his successor – because he himself did not want to quit and prevent Oettinger as his successor.

In fact, Teufel had always valued the wisdom of the committees more than the will of the members. For him, the strike vote was just the last resort to slow down Oettinger. The procedure chosen in 2004 was similar to that adopted by the federal party last week. The Southwest CDU was an early pioneer in membership decisions, but with serious consequences.

Split into two camps

At that time, Annette Schavan lost the membership decision in Baden-Württemberg. Their supporters were on the sidelines on election evening, far away from the exuberant partying group around Oettinger. One of them looked at Oettinger and asked with a sad look: “Are these really the people we want to be ruled by now?”

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