the demands of the carmenistas to approve the ordinance




Solve the coexistence problem among hoteliers and neighbors due to the noise generated by some of the Covid terraces It is the main objective of the Government team and of the groups with municipal representation. For this, the Madrid City Council seeks the consent between all political parties with the aim of approving the terraces ordinance before the end of the year. But the task seems that it will not be easy due to the conditions that the formations have established. The Mixed Group formed by Recupera Madrid, the ‘Carmenistas’, has already announced that it will present a series of allegations and measures to support the text. These include the ban on smoking on outdoor tables and chairs and the elimination of gas stoves, as well as restrictions on cars to return to the parking strips that now occupy the terraces.

In a press conference after the meeting held by all the groups with the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, and the delegate for Territorial Coordination and Citizen Participation, Silvia Saavedra, the representatives of Recupera Madrid have stated that their objective “is to do policies that improve the lives of citizens ”and are willing to negotiate for the ordinance to be“ the best possible ”. «The existence of groupings of terraces is generating coexistence problems in some areas of the city. A situation that has been aggravated by the expansion of both the occupation and the number of tables authorized by the City Council after the quarantine, “have begun explaining Marta Higueras and José Manuel Calvo.

To resolve this and support the new regulation, Recupera Madrid requests that smoking be prohibited and gas stoves be eliminated. They base their requirement on the studies of the Covid transmission and pollution, respectively. «Tobacco smoke would act as a transmitter of aerosol sprays. The Ministry of Health has already announced a reform of the anti-smoking law. Thus, the ban on smoking on terraces will arrive sooner rather than later, so we propose that Madrid be a pioneer city and establish it on open terraces and restaurants “, state councilors:” The new ordinance must include a Transitional provision that allows incorporating the measure once it is approved by the ministry.

As for gas stoves, they claim that they produce “14 kilograms of CO2 per day, which means that four gas stoves running all day pollute the same as a mid-range car on a 350-kilometer journey.” «The installation of these stoves on terraces can be replaced by heating sources electric or powered by any other non-polluting source “, they indicate.

The other proposed allegations affect the impediment of cars returning to Covid squares that no longer accommodate the terraces installed during the pandemic, which would be destined bicycles, motorcycles or Personal Mobility Vehicles, such as scooters; to the establishment of common aesthetic criteria between the terraces in the same area; and the recovery of the figure of the mediator – a figure already promoted in the mandate of Manuela Carmena – that “pacifies” the noise that is created on the terraces and negotiates between neighbors and consumers.

Villacís has been willing to negotiate and has stressed that he wants to seek consensus with all political groups so that the ordinance lasts as long as possible in the city. “We want to seek consensus between political parties and civil society. Let this ordinance be permeates good ideas and that interesting proposals be made to improve it, because the agreed norms have much more vocation of permanence, “said the deputy mayor, who has promised to establish a calendar of meetings to pass the ordinance before the end of the year. “The current regulation, from 2013, no longer adjusts to reality and does not recognize many of the rights that exist today,” Villacís explained about the urgency of approval.

The Socialist Party, after the meeting, has put as a requirement to continue attending that the Consistory also cite neighborhood associations and all citizens who want to participate. “It seems that this government works a lot in secret. Our only condition for sitting down is that, in addition to the political groups and the technical groups of the groups, the FRAVM, the neighborhood associations and anyone who wants to participate, said the spokesperson, Mar Espinar. “We are talking about order a public space. Either the neighbors are interested in that table or we will not sit down ”, he stressed.

On the moratorium for Covid terraces stay for two years on the parking strips – as long as they are not in a tensioned area– Espinar has stated that “it is not an option.” “They talk about stressed areas but today we learned that these areas are not going to be enacted or approved until a month after the ordinance is approved. Not even they know which are the stressed areas that the norm is going to affect, “concluded the socialist spokesperson, by way of criticism.

Rita Maestre, spokesperson for Más Madrid, agrees with her. “It is incompatible to try to address the restructuring of the terraces with extending those that are in parking strips,” Maestre began, adding that he does not understand why the moratorium will last two years. “What we propose is that the moratorium be maintained only for six months and then the public space in Madrid is reordered. But the most important thing is that we know the criteria that will define what a stressed area is, “said the opposition leader, who stressed” the bad situation that exists in the streets of Madrid. ” «It must be solved immediately. It is unnecessary to pit neighbors against each other and merchants against each other. We are open to dialogue and we will work with political groups, neighborhood associations and merchants, “he concluded. While the political representatives agree – all have agreed at least that the neighborhood break It is a red line – the tables and chairs in the bars of Madrid (3,702 Covid terraces that were installed in 2,000 green and blue parking spaces during the last year and a half to alleviate the crisis in the sector) will be able to continue going out.

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