The manager and an employee of an insurance brokerage arrested in Benidorm for defrauding Russians




Civil Guard
of Alicante has arrested the manager and a worker of an insurance brokerage of Benidorm for a few alleged scams. So far, 36 injured parties have been identified, including an insurance company, although it is not ruled out that there are more cases.

The Investigation Area of ​​the Villajoyosa Civil Guard Post launched the so-called Operation Dengi-1, within the framework of which negotiations were carried out with the insurance companies as well as with other possible injured parties.

The investigations revealed to the agents that the modus operandi of the detainees consisted of using their knowledge acquired about the computer and management system of the insurance company, to later carry out supplements in policies or modifications in these. The injured parties at no time had knowledge or had given their consent to these supplements or modifications.

The insurance brokerage worker made use of her Russian nationality to gain the trust of future victims, most of whom are also Russian nationals.

Once the injured parties were captured, they paid the stipulated economic amount, making the delivery in cash or making a bank transfer to the worker’s personal account number. After obtaining the economic amounts from the victims, the worker handed it over to the manager of the insurance brokerage, who as compensation gave him a part of the money obtained.

The agents found out that the scams carried out by the detainees had allegedly been occurring since 2017, accrediting to date 36 people of Russian and Ukrainian nationality as victims of this type of scam, in addition to economic damage caused to them by 70.000 euros. An insurance company has appeared in the case as the injured party.

As a consequence of the commission of all the criminal acts reported, the investigating agents proceeded to arrest the alleged perpetrators in the towns of Villajoyosa and Benidorm for the crimes of falsification of documents, fraud, money laundering and simulation of crime. At the time of his arrest, various bank cards, bank books and cash were seized.

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