The Prosecutor’s Office asks for a 36,500 euro fine for seven activists for a protest against Vox in Barcelona




The Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office accuses seven activists of coercion, mild mistreatment and damage during a protest against Vox in September 2020, in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. According to the indictment, to which ABC has had access, the Public Ministry requests fines of up to 36,500 euros for the accused.

It was the afternoon of September 2 of last year when the president of the party in Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, accompanied by Rocío de Meer, José Luís Temple, Jorge Alberto de la Fuente and Nerea Andrés Antón, they toured the Raval to “meet with the neighbors.”

During his route through the Rambla del RavalAccording to the Prosecutor’s Office, the defendants, “integrated into a group of about 30 people,” had just “decided to expel two Vox deputies from the neighborhood and came out to meet them with eggs, firecrackers, smoke cans, flares and cans.”

According to prosecutor Miguel Ángel Aguilar, the party’s delegation decided to divert its route along Hospital Street in the aforementioned neighborhood to avoid the protesters, but the latter sped up and shouted after them: «Fascists out of our neighborhoods“While” they lit firecrackers, smoke cans and threw eggs, cans and bleach at them, “the writing reads.

Around 5:14 pm, the protesters would have “cornered” Garriga and De Meer, who took refuge in the Raval House Hotel, with their bodyguards. A few minutes later, they left the facility, also with protection from the Mossos d’Esquadra.

During the time they remained inside the accommodation, the Prosecutor’s office, “The defendants and their group kicked her against her access door […]They also hit the two cameras installed on the façade with a stick, while they shouted ‘we will kill you’, ‘fucking fascists, get out’, or ‘El Raval will be the tomb of fascism’ ».

Coercion, minor abuse and damages

According to Aguilar, as soon as the defendants learned of Vox’s act in the neighborhood, they “concentrated quickly to get them expelled with intimidating attitudes.” Therefore, it considers that the facts are constitutive of five offenses of coercion -Against each of the five members of Vox-, as well as four of mild abuse and one of damages, with the aggravation of discrimination by ideology.

Thus, the Public Ministry requests a fine of 7,300 euros -24 months with a daily fee of 10 euros-, which, with seven defendants, rises to more than 36,500 euros.

In addition, it also claims that those investigated are prohibited from attending Vox events, as well as approaching less than 1,000 meters from the politicians who participated in that march; and also a compensation of 700 euros – joint and several – for each of the five cases affected.

For its part, the formation led by Santiago Abascal claims a penalty of six years in prison for the activists for that protest, as detailed this Monday by the defense of the accused, which is part of the Solidària Alert collective.

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