They capture two escaped prisoners after stealing computers in a secondary school in Alicante




Agents of the National Police have captured two escaped prisoners who, together with another detainee, had attacked the Babel High School in Alicante, where they stole computer and audiovisual material, as well as personal belongings of the students. Security cameras recorded them and it was later discovered that one of them was growing marijuana.

One of those arrested had fled to France and another, escaped from prison, was occupying a house in Sax with an indoor drug plantation.

The three men are between 29 and 31 years old and are charged as alleged perpetrators of the robbery with force. One of them was wanted by various courts for different crimes, while another was in Strasbourg.

During the operation, in addition, much of the stolen audiovisual material has been recovered and a indoor marijuana plantation that was being prepared within a occupied floor In the town of Sax, as reported by the Police in a statement.

In addition to taking material from the classrooms, they had also opened the student lockers. All the detainees, who had prior records, have been brought to justice, except the one who was already in prison, where he is still awaiting trial.

Indoor marijuana plantation discovered in an apartment occupied by one of the thieves
Indoor marijuana plantation discovered in an apartment occupied by one of the thieves – ABC

It happened in February, when a complaint was received from the management of the educational center, where the surveillance cameras they had recorded three individuals hooded.

The first investigations found one of the alleged perpetrators, a man who allegedly sold part of the stolen objects in a second-hand buy-sell shop from the city. In this way, the troops managed to recover a large part of the audiovisual material that they took away.

In the same way, they identified the other two alleged perpetrators and dismantled the indoor marijuana cultivation that one of them had ready in Sax. One of the assailants was arrested during a routine identification in the town of Guardamar del Segura, after which he was admitted to prison to serve the pending sentences and also accused of these events. As for the escapee in France, he was arrested on his return, at his usual home in the city of Alicante.

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