Thuringia with the highest proportion of Covid in intensive care units

In every fifth intensive care bed in Thuringia there is a person suffering from corona. That is the highest number nationwide. More than 87 percent of intensive care beds in Germany are currently occupied.

Erfurt – Nowhere in Germany is such a high proportion of intensive care beds occupied by corona patients as in Thuringia. In the morning, 21.2 percent and thus more than every fifth operable bed was occupied by Covid 19 patients, according to data from the medical association Divi (as of 11.15 a.m.).

Accordingly, the number of corona patients in Thuringian intensive care units increased by 17 to 133 compared to the previous day – 22 special Covid intensive care beds were still free. Nationwide, 87.2 percent of intensive care beds were occupied.

In mid-April, around 220 corona patients were still being treated in the intensive care units. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of intensive care beds in the Free State decreased. In 2020, up to 1100 intensive care beds were temporarily available in Thuringia. This number was reported again for a short time last May. At the end of October, the number only fluctuated around 700.

Most recently, Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) warned that, due to the full intensive care units, there could soon no longer be a guarantee for treatment in Thuringia for every unvaccinated corona patient. The people would be treated, but would have to be relocated to other federal states if necessary. dpa

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