Traffic light coalition: Lindner or Habeck? Kurz confidante interferes from Austria

The ministerial questions of the traffic light are still open. The short confidante and Austrian Finance Minister Gernot Blümel expresses a clear wish – an unusual process.

Vienna / Berlin – Who will be the new German finance minister? FDP leader Christian Lindner or still official colleague Robert Habeck from the Greens? The struggle for the coveted post has been in the background since the beginning of the traffic light coalition negotiations between the SPD, FDP and the Greens. Now a voice from Vienna intervened – with a clear wish.

Gernot Blümel, Austrian finance minister and confidante of the stumbled ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz, mingled in an interview with the world entered the German coalition negotiations. It is clear to him who is to regulate the finances in the federal government in the future. In the opinion of the ÖVP man, Lindner is the right person to head the Ministry of Finance.

Traffic light negotiations: Austrian Minister Blümel wants Lindner as an official colleague

“In the history of the EU there has rarely been a situation in which a single personnel decision in a member state has such significance for the stability of the EU,” noted Blümel. The whole of Europe is curious to see who will become German finance minister, “because these personnel determine the long-term economic stability of the EU,” said Blümel.

The Austrian Finance Minister Blümel has a clear preferred person as his German counterpart.

© Hans Punz/APA/dpa

“I hope that the traditional German attitude that we need stable finances in order to secure growth and prosperity in Europe in the long term will prevail,” he explained in the world-Interview further. At this point the ÖVP man endorsed the FDP boss filling the post of finance minister – Blümel himself rated his diplomatic statement as a “clear plea”: “From the people currently in question, it would therefore be a clear plea for Christian Lindner “.

Lindner in polls before Habeck as finance minister

According to current surveys, the new German finance minister in the traffic light coalition will actually be Christian Lindner. This was shown by the results of the “Trendbarometer” published last November 3rd by RTL and ntv.

When asked who they want to see finance minister, 44 percent of those questioned said they were in favor of Lindner. Green co-chairman Robert Habeck ended up with 29 percent behind the FDP leader. 27 percent did not consider either of the two suitable as finance minister. (bb with material from dpa and AFP)

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