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The Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw is the quintessential draw in our country. Every December 22 thousands of Spaniards gather to see the winning numbers come out of the drum one by one, hoping that theirs will be among the luckiest. Therefore, we could say that buying the lottery is practically a tradition, a fixed expense. Spaniards on average we spend about 60 euros per person in the purchase of tenths each year. However, consumption is not the same in all territories.

Certain autonomous communities register a major expense, either for a simple population reason or because there is a greater tradition. But, which are the territories in which the most is spent on the Christmas Lottery?

The communities that spend the most on the Christmas Lottery

In 2020, due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic, sales of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw decreased by around 11% compared to 2019, reaching a total of 2,582 million euros, far from the 3,440 million that reflected the maximum that could have been received with the sale of all the tenths.

Not all communities contributed equally to this decline. Many in which tourism is crucial and to which many people go to buy their tenth during their days off experienced a significant decrease in the purchase of Christmas tickets. It is the case of Canary Islands, territory in which sales of tenths fell by 16,41 %, O Baleares, where the decline was from 15 %.

Although in Ceuta the drop was minimal (0.3%), as a general rule all communities saw their sales drop by a minimum of 7%. Only in Melilla, a region where Lottery spending per inhabitant is lower, sales increased.

But, leaving all this aside, there are usually communities that are more likely to buy tickets to participate in the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw what others. It is the case of the Madrid’s community, which sold more than 453 million, followed by Andalusia, with 357 million and Catalonia, with 340 million. The Valencian Community exceeded 308 million and, somewhat further, Castilla y León sold some 203 million tenths.

With the data in hand, we can verify that the demographic factor It’s very important. The figures show that in the communities where there is a greater amount of population, the most Christmas lottery tickets are sold.

On the other hand, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and melilla are the Spanish territories in which the least tenths are bought (just over a million in each), followed by La Rioja, with 24 million, Navarra, with 31, Cantabria, with 38 and Extremadura with 52.

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