2G rule is getting closer: Hendrik Wüst wants strict corona measures in NRW

The corona situation is worsening. How does NRW react? Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst now spoke about the next steps – also with a view to a 2G regulation.

Hamm – The Corona* Numbers are rising, clinics are sounding the alarm nationwide. Germany is in the middle of the fourth wave. Now is the time to act – politicians and experts agree. In North Rhine-Westphalia* The situation is currently not as dramatic as in other federal states. Nevertheless, the state government wants to act. Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst * (CDU) wants the 2G rule in NRW – even without the go from the federal government, reveals wa.de *.

“I would like us to come to a common understanding between the federal and state governments,” said the NRW Prime Minister. This serves the acceptance and comprehensibility of the rules. However, an understanding between the federal government and the states is not a prerequisite for the NRW state government to act, reports wa.de*. * wa.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.


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