Abel Caballero opens another front with the Xunta for the law of business areas




New front of the mayor of Vigo with the Xunta. The last trigger: the law of business areas that the Galician Government hopes to launch next year, as advanced last Thursday, after the Council, President Alberto Núñez Feijóo. This Tuesday, at a press conference, Abel Caballero assured that it is an “unconstitutional law” and that he will ask the Government “to defend us”, going to the Constitutional Court.

Caballero has framed the draft, with which the Xunta wants to “shield” the benefits of the “entrepreneurial councils”, in the “outrages” that “continuously”, he said, is carried out by the autonomous government. He has accused the Galician Executive of “intolerable abuse” and of resorting “again to political bullying” with this rule. And he announces measures: “I am going to take him to the Constitutional Court, I am going to take him to the Constitutional Court,” he proclaimed.

Next, he has specified that he is “studying” if it is unconstitutional and has accused the Xunta of promoting the law because “he knows that we do not have the capacity” to go to the TC, so “I am going to ask the Government of Spain to take »to the High Court, has assured.

“He wants us to follow him, everything is directed against the City Council of Vigo”, has loaded. Along the same lines, he has claimed that “we are beating him in the courts” and that they will continue to oppose the Xunta’s plans. «Do you know why, Mr. Feijóo? Because we won the elections, you lost the municipal elections in Vigo ».

«We are not going to allow him to be abused in the city. We will win the elections again, “he completed, in addition to accusing the PP of Vigo of being” an accessory to the abuses of the Xunta. “

Fernández-Tapias: «He is opposed by system»

For her part, the territorial delegate of the Xunta in Vigo, Marta Fernández-Tapias, has regretted that Caballero “is systematically opposed to improvements that have no other objective than to mobilize the business activity of the municipalities” and has affirmed that the figure of ‘ entrepreneurial city councils’ seeks to favor business development in Galicia, reports Ep.

Additionally, he stressed that the future regulation includes the figure of the ‘entrepreneurial council’ with “the sole objective of providing legal certainty and guaranteeing the agility in the municipal urban processing necessary to implement an area.”

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