Alejandro Costa: Letter on ABC from a Montealto school father: «The embrace of love»




What is love? What a difficult term to explain. We can look for a philosophical, poetic or even biological definition. But the reality is that we never quite understand it. It seems that the words of our rich vocabulary are scarce for such a great concept. However, in these last hours I have witnessed it. We may not be able to define it, but we can see it. Last Thursday afternoon, a 6-year-old girl died from a tragic accident at the school gate. Daughter of extraordinary parents. The driver, another wonderful mother. Maria, Maria, Maria How much pain your name bears! In these hours that have passed since that fateful moment, I have been able to witness scenes of true love. Love in the thousands or millions of prayers that happened simultaneously that afternoon. Love in the flowers on the altar of the school chapel. Constantly in prayer. From the hearts of so many people. The same chapel that the mother who was driving the car attended. With the sole intention of praying and spontaneously meeting the love of so many parents when they hugged her. Love in the tears of the hundreds of parents who cried at the doors of the chapel because there was no physical place inside, and something tells me that there was no room for more love. Prayers and more prayers. For the deceased girl, for the girls in the hospital, for the mothers who were suffering so much and their families. The reasons were abundant, but what was not lacking were the people. Love in the hugs to the caretaker at the school door, who helplessly witnessed so much pain. Love in the embrace of a mother to her daughter in the last moments of her life to immediately embrace the pain of the mother who accompanied her; the same one he was driving. The same one that in the afternoon hugged him back in the funeral home. No. They weren’t hugs of forgiveness. I daresay they weren’t hugs of pain either. They were embraces of authentic love, of Christian love, of the love of God. The one that has no limit. That it endures everything. That everything awaits. From now on, when they ask me what love is, I will know how to answer without hesitation: love is the mark left in this world by a 6-year-old girl who lived close to God and who now enjoys his presence; love is the consolation that it sends us from heaven so that we know that it is already there, that it even arrived before we even thought about the first Lord’s Prayer; love is that hug that only the heart seeks.

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