Almost 68 percent of Germans have full vaccination protection – almost 3 million even have booster vaccinations

In Germany, almost 56 million people, or 67.2 percent of the total population, are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Berlin – That comes from the figures of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from Tuesday (11:36 a.m.). 58 million people were vaccinated against the virus at least once, which corresponds to a rate of 69.7 percent. According to the institute, around 2.8 million people have also received a booster vaccination. The RKI assumes, however, that among adults, probably more people are vaccinated than the data suggests: 100 percent registration of the vaccinations cannot be achieved by the reporting system, according to the vaccination overview of the RKI.

Furthermore, there are significant regional differences in the level of vaccinations against the coronavirus: Among the federal states, Bremen has the highest proportion of first-time vaccinations with 81.4 percent. The Saarland, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein follow. With the exception of Saxony (59.3 percent), all federal states have exceeded the 60 percent mark. With 78.8 percent, Bremen also has the highest proportion of fully vaccinated residents. Here, too, Saxony is at the bottom of the ranking with 57.2 percent. (dpa)

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