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“We are going to show that we Toledo care about the Tagus.” This is how the director of the Royal Toledo Foundation presented this Tuesday, Eduardo Sánchez Butragueño, ‘Music for the Tagus’ an ambitious project in which this institution has been working for months to turn the sad anniversary of the 50 years of the ban on bathing in the city of Toledo into a party. It is a crowdfunding campaign for the release of an album with 18 of the best Toledo musicians who will raise their voices to give visibility to the drama of the Tagus River and that will be presented at a festival on the same day as the fateful commemoration: June 19, 2022. The campaign to become a patron is already open in Verkami at the following link.

Important artists and groups have already joined the project, among them, Veintiuno, María Toledo, Julián Maeso, Ana Alcaide, Alberto Torres, Javier Ulises Illán, Fernando Mosquera, Pilar Moxó, El Pecho de Andy, Lucía Santiago, Titular Mads, Ethnos Atramo, Almez, Kike Calzada, Los Hidrocálidos, Bajo Cuerda, Juan Luzardo and May, who already popularized their mythical song about the traverse in the 80s.

On the disc, as explained Sánchez Butragueño, each group or each artist will contribute a unique song that comes from their soul. It is expected that the national and international projection of many of these musicians can be key in this project, of which he is convinced that it will be a complete success. In fact, the response from the music world in Toledo has been spectacular and more supporters are expected.

Tired of so many promises without solutions, the idea of ​​the Royal Foundation is to remember, loaded with the weapon of music, this «half century of infamy to which was added, shortly after, the launch of the Tajo-Segura transfer, which It reduces the arrival of clean water from the head to the course of the Tagus by up to 65%, so what we see passing through the cities of Toledo or Talavera de la Reina is the great sewer of Madrid through its discharges to the Jarama, that flows downstream from Aranjuez ».

In the Verkami campaign It is explained that these practices “have caused the drastic decrease or disappearance of practically all the native species of fish, mammals, amphibians and native molluscs in a large part of the river. In the same way, a multitude of trades linked to the river have disappeared, all their cultural and leisure uses have been lost, the cultural landscape linked to the river has been degraded and a huge fracture has been generated between citizens and the Tagus, despite the fact that the river was the origin of the city of Toledo and of many other riverside cities such as Aranjuez or Talavera de la Reina. You probably already knew all this, as people from Toledo, but surely you are also aware that all this environmental drama (and cultural and historical) is very unknown in many places. In Madrid without going any further, despite being part of the problem and being almost 7 million citizens of the Tagus basin, citizens do not know this ecological aberration unthinkable in any other country in Europe. In the rest of Spain and in Europe, the drama of the Tagus is still a great unknown.

Royal Foundation of Toledo
is a non-profit institution that has been dedicated to defending the heritage and culture of Toledo for more than 30 years. In these years, the Tagus River has been one of our main lines of action, developing numerous events, work groups, conferences and activities related to the river. Now we want to give a new impulse to this defense in an original way and counting on the participation and mobilization of citizens.

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