Boris Palmer on attack in the dispute over the Green party exclusion

Dhe mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer (Greens), called on the Baden-Württemberg state association through his lawyer to finally justify the party exclusion proceedings against him and to submit the necessary application to the responsible arbitration commission. So far, the Palmer state party has refused a “fair and legally correct” process, said Palmer’s lawyer Rezzo Schlauch in an interview with the F.AZ. He therefore submitted a “negative application for a declaration” to the legal representative of the two state chairmen Sandra Detzer and Oliver Hildenbrand. In accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure, this can be used to stop proceedings that are only alleged to have been started.

In May Palmer defended former soccer player Dennis Aogo against racism allegations in a problematic way with a post on Facebook: “Aogo is a bad racist. Has offered women his negro tail, “read the Facebook post. Aogo had previously been criticized for saying in a match analysis that a football team had to “train to the point of being gassed,” for which the footballer apologized shortly afterwards.

By publishing the post, Palmer wanted to satirically demonstrate that the racism allegations against Aogo were absurd. On May 8, 2021, Annalena Baerbock and a few hours later the delegates at a state party congress spoke out in favor of a party expulsion process after Palmer had initially rejected an apology for his “satirical” posting. He later regretted the post. At that time, Palmer had welcomed the party exclusion process because it would finally invalidate the accusations of racism raised by his green party friends.

Criticism of the conduct of the procedure

Palmer’s lawyer argues as follows to justify the negative application for a declaration: From the time of the decision for a party exclusion procedure until today, the necessary formal legal steps have not been initiated by the regional association, but at the same time Palmer is in public “with the threat of a serious flaw Exclusion proceedings “faced. In addition, the two state chairmen would harm Palmer in the “green internal procedure for the nomination of the green OB candidate” for the election in autumn 2022. Therefore, a dispute over competencies had started, so the matter would continue to be dealt with by the district arbitration commission, not the state arbitration commission.

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