Catalog of fines: Turf and illegal parking are much more expensive as of today – an overview of hefty fines

The new catalog of fines has been in effect since November 9th. Speeders and illegal parkers now have to pay significantly higher fines. An overview.

Berlin – If you drive too fast or park incorrectly, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket from November 9th. The federal government has decided on a new catalog of fines *. The aim of the new rules, which were only adopted after a long struggle, is to ensure, among other things, more safety for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Anyone caught committing a crime must pay significantly higher fines.

New catalog of fines since November 9th: Expensive wrong parking

If motorists block bicycles or even sidewalks without permission, it will be more expensive in the future than before. For illegal parking as well as for unauthorized parking of the vehicle on protective strips or in the second row, fines of up to 110 euros are due – previously it was 15 euros.

If you leave your car in a parking space for the disabled without authorization, you will have to pay 55 euros instead of 35 in future. The fine is just as high for unauthorized parking in spaces specially reserved for electric cars or car sharing vehicles. According to the Ministry of Transport, there is an increase in the fine of up to 100 euros for parking violations in fire service entrances or with a disability of emergency vehicles.

New catalog of fines from November 9th: Can parking illegally lead to points?

Yes, in the case of more serious violations, points are also entered in Flensburg. This is the case, for example, if other road users are hindered or endangered by illegal parking or stopping in the second row and on cycle lanes or parking on sidewalks and cycle paths. There is also a point in the event of property damage. Anyone who parks their vehicle on the sidewalk or bike path for more than an hour also receives an entry.

New catalog of fines since November 9th: Rescue alley and emergency lane

If the emergency lane actually reserved for emergency services is used without permission or no emergency lane is formed, there will be fines between 200 and 320 euros and a one-month driving ban. The background to this is that in the past there have always been cases in which the helpers lost valuable time after accidents because motorists blocked the emergency corridor.

Speeders and parking offenders will have to dig deeper into their pockets from November 9th.

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New catalog of fines: This is how speed violations are punished

In the original version of the amendment to the catalog of fines, the enforcement of which was suspended due to a formal error last year, driving bans were provided for when the speed exceeded 21 km / h in urban areas and 31 km / h outside of urban areas. This does not exist now – instead the fines are increased.

in town in town out of town out of town
transgression Fine (old) in euros Penalty (new) in euros Fine (old) in euros Penalty (new) in euros
up to 10 km / h 15 30 10 20
11 to 15 km / h 25 50 20 40
16 to 20 km / h 35 70 30 60
21 to 25 km / h 80 115 70 100
26 to 30 km / h 100 180 80 150
31 to 40 km / h 160 + 1 month driving ban 260 + 1 month driving ban 120 200
41 to 50 km / h 200 + 1 month driving ban 400 + 1 month driving ban 160 + 1 month driving ban 320 + 1 month driving ban
51 to 60 km / h 280 + 2 months driving ban 560 + 2 months driving ban 240 + 1 month driving ban 480 + 1 month driving ban
61 to 70 km / h 480 + 3 months driving ban 700 + 3 months driving ban 440 + 2 months driving ban 600 + 2 months driving ban
over 70 km / h 680 + 3 months driving ban 800 + 3 months driving ban 600 + 3 months driving ban 700 + 3 months driving ban

In urban areas, the future for cars is that if the speed is exceeded from 21 km / h to 25 km / h, 115 euros will be charged instead of the previous 80 euros; at 16 to 20 km / h it is 70 instead of 35 euros, at 11 to 15 km / h 50 instead of 25 euros and at up to 10 km / h 30 euros instead of the previous 15.

Out of town, the fines for exceeding speeds of 21 to 25 km / h will be increased from 70 to 100 euros. At 16 to 20 km / h too much on the speedometer it is 60 instead of 30 euros; Anyone who is traveling too fast at up to 15 km / h or up to 10 km / h must expect fines of 40 and 20 euros, respectively, up to now they have been 20 and 10 euros. (AFP / dpa / fmü) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubric picture: © Marijan Murat / dpa

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