Chilean President Piñera could be impeached because of the “Pandora Papers”

Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera could lose his office because of the publications from the “Pandora Papers”.

Valparaíso – A majority in the Chamber of Deputies in the port city of Valparaíso declared a constitutional charge admissible on Tuesday, according to a statement. Should the Senate agree, Piñera would be removed from office. However, it is currently unclear whether the necessary two-thirds majority will be achieved there. According to the announcement, the indictment accuses the head of state of “openly violating the constitution and the law” and “seriously endangering the honor of the nation”.

The Chilean attorney general had ordered investigations against Piñera in October, according to publications from the “Pandora Papers”. He is accused of corruption and tax offenses in connection with the purchase and sale of a mine in northern Chile. The defense sees the impending impeachment as a political electoral maneuver. Piñera is not allowed to leave Chile while the decision is pending. In Chile, the first round of the presidential election is scheduled for November 21st.

Curious: At the marathon meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, the socialist MP Jaime Naranjo kept the floor for more than 15 hours so that another MP could take part in the close vote after the corona quarantine had expired. (dpa)

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