Corona policy: Majority of the population dissatisfied with crisis management

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The majority of Germans are currently dissatisfied with the federal government’s corona management, according to a new survey.

Berlin – The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to roll unstoppably towards the Federal Republic, hits political Germany in a critical phase. After the federal election in 2021 in September, the coalition negotiations to form a traffic light government at the federal level are still ongoing. Merkel IV’s cabinet remains in office until a new government is formed. A circumstance that seems to be a balancing act between government responsibility and opposition work, especially for the executive ministers of the Union.

Yesterday, Monday, the traffic light parties presented a catalog of measures in the fight against the corona pandemic. This should provide the federal and state governments with the tools necessary to combat the pandemic even after the status of an epidemic situation of national scope expires on November 25th. Sharp criticism of the decisions came on Tuesday from the ranks of the Union, who called for the epidemic situation to be prolonged with national consequences.

Corona policy: Majority of Germans dissatisfied with the government’s crisis management

The indecision and lack of planning in times of record incidence seem to be angry with the population too. That also sets out a Civey poll on behalf of t-online close, which was released on Tuesday evening. The opinion research institute asked over 10,000 citizens how satisfied they were with the government’s crisis management at the moment. With sobering results.

Just four percent of those surveyed said they were very satisfied with the pandemic management in Germany. Still – another 26 percent were “somewhat satisfied” with the work of the federal government. However, more than half of the respondents stated that they were dissatisfied with the current Corona policy. A total of 29 percent chose “somewhat dissatisfied” as an answer, while 26 percent even said they were “very dissatisfied” with the federal government.

Coronavirus: The overwhelming majority are in favor of 2G regulations in the survey

Last July, at 70 percent, the highest satisfaction level since the beginning of the pandemic was measured. The low was recorded in April of this year at 20 percent. The current trend continues to move downwards.

The survey also found that a vast majority of the population (71 percent) would be in favor of introducing 2G rules for non-everyday facilities. Only 25 percent are currently rejecting this project as part of the fight against pandemic.

On Tuesday, another survey caused a stir, in which the vast majority of respondents said they should be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Germany. (fd)

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